I’m a Nano Rebel

VIA Nano Chip Image (top)

VIA Nano Chip Image (top) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, there is such a thing as a nano rebel. It might be finishing novels started during other nano years, or other novel projects, or it could be article related or any type of writing done in that month.

This is the current location for my posts for writing during November. My goal is to get to 50k words in the one month.

I’m not sure what a page allows me to do, so I’ll check this out tonight and see if I want to start a whole new blog just for nano later on if this doesn’t work out that well. A page won’t allow me to continue to post each day, so I began a new blog just for this purpose. It can be found at: http://www.muchadoaboutnano.wordpress.com.

Come watch my progress.


Day One, November 1 2012

At midnight November 1, I completed a review for a story on Writing.com. Here is the review.

This is good, you had me on the edge of my seat until I almost fell off at the end. What happened to the ending? That must be the ending of chapter one, if you’re not going to do more with this book, then you may want to lengthen this story a bit more to have a better ending.

The sub-title says it was a new neighbor, yet she talks about recently purchasing the property. If it was less money than she expected it to be and if she now thinks it’s because of the information she found on the computer, then it sounds to me like the other person lived there for a while and she is the new neighbor. Maybe it’s just the way that portion of the phrase reads,

Another idea would be to end the sub-title with secrets and not include the part about the neighbor. This would avoid confusion at least until you work on the story a bit more.

This is a review for http://www.writing.com//main/view_item/item_id/826000-Neighborhood-Secrets-Part-1

The about page is an additional 79 words.

Today was not the best day to get going in this project of mine. I began writing at midnight and posted what I wrote at the beginning here, some of that are thoughts about this project of mind, some are regarding a review I did at midnight.

I was planning on writing a bit more after midnight, but as I was setting this blog up, we lost our phone service and internet connection. I wasn’t able to revive it last night, so my husband and myself turned off our computers to let them rest-something I rarely do.

When I got up in the morning and turned everything on, we still had no internet service. We did regain our phone service last night before heading to bed, but not the internet.

This happens too much with our internet provider. I want to check with another provider in the area to see what their costs are, my friend has that one and says they never lose service for their phone or internet.

So when I got up today, the first thing I wanted to do is straighten out the cords under my desk. The reason for this is that I know from experience that if the modem needs to be reconfigured, many times I’ll need to take the router out of the picture and connect the modem directly to the computer. The problem I usually have is that I’m working in a small space and it’s difficult to figure out while on the phone with the automated customer service machines.

Once I figured all of that out, I disconnected my router and did what I knew they’d ask me to do and connected my modem directly to my computer. It took a while, but eventually they were able to get the modem to respond to their pings. Once that worked out I figured it would be simple to reconnect it through the router, which when I did it worked out fine.

It wasn’t long after I got the internet to work that I needed to leave with a crew to work on cleaning someone’s windows. I thought I would send them alone as they are fully capable and then I could get more done around the house before starting later in the day at my second job, cashiering.

Then I remembered that the home-owner told me she was going to an appointment half an hour after we would get there. Many of our customers expect either myself or my husband at the job site, so I thought I’d better go along to that job. I wasn’t planning on working, but reading one of several magazines instead.

As usual I didn’t get very far in the magazine as I helped in different capacities such as raising shades, helping to get screens out as a few were put in backward and the tabs to remove them were broken off, I stabilized the ladder for a bit while the worker was cleaning an especially tall window-he had to get up higher than the recommended step. I would never recommend doing this unless the person on the ladder has someone bracing the ladder in some way.

Once that job was done, we headed back to my house to get hot water in a second bucket. Since it’s colder out now, I didn’t want that bucket to have freezing water in it when it was time to use it. I then stayed home and continued working on setting up this Word Press blog for nano.

Now I need to go back and recount my words as the Word Press counter seemed to start over in the count when I continued to write a few minutes ago.

I still have a ways to go in remembering where everything is on the Official Nano site. I did attempt two nano’s in the past; for the second one I found out I could do some prep work for it and that helped a lot although I still didn’t reach my goal.

This year I only found out recently that I could do nano as a rebel and I decided to get involved if only to get more consistent in posting in my many blogs.

When I do post in those blogs, I’ll either include the post here, or include the word count and just put the link to the post. I may do the opposite in some of those blogs by connecting what I’ve written here to different blogs of mine, whichever one it seems related to. For instance much of what I’ve written in this post today could also go on my blog http://www.muchadoaboutmanything.wordpress.com. On the other hand, since nano is about writing, then I could put it on the freelancing blog instead.

This year when I signed up on the official site, I had to sign up as a new user. I’m thinking I must have used a yahoo email that I used to have, but would have no idea what my username or password was before. I’m hoping I can figure out that information sometime so I can see what other years I did do nano even though I never reached the goal of 50k words.

Onto another subject. I’m supposed to be working on payroll right now. We have four employees although none of them work full time. Two of them work less hours than the other two, it’s a matter of choice. For one, she watches her grandchildren most days of the week and is only available to work with us two days generally. The other person has health issues. She’s been with us the longest, almost twenty some years.  Her daughter is one that works a lot of hours, and we have a man that has been with us four months that manages the ladders and second story windows for us.

My husband used to do most of the work himself and after several years, I would help out periodically. I didn’t work all the time as I had another job waitressing for a company that has since gone out of business.

Five years ago, my husband had a problem with a blood clot in an artery in his leg. He didn’t know that the blood clot was there, he didn’t have any of the usual symptoms. What caused him to go to ER was he was having problems with his right foot. He fell in October and it looked like the middle toe on his right foot broke, eventually it healed. We didn’t take him to the doctor about it as were had heard previously that there was nothing they could do for broken toes. So, the toe did seem to heal, but as the holiday season came about-he worked at the same retail store that I did, except by this time he worked in the meat department-that foot began to bother him more and more.

I don’t remember the sequence of events, I do know that one week the foot hurt and the doctor had him get ex-rays of the area, but nothing showed up on the films. Eventually the foot swelled up and that third toe began to bleed.

At that time, I took him to emergency and it took hours to get him in an examining room. We asked whether the spill he took in the fall would have anything to do with his symptoms, they didn’t believe that was the case.

Eventually they brought a technician down with equipment to test his blood pressure on his lower limbs, they discovered that from the thigh down there was barely any blood flow and that was why that foot was having so many problems.

He was admitted that night, and ended up spending three months in the hospital. That foot turned gangrene and began to rise up the ankle and above. Before it got that far he did have a catherization on that artery. He was told that he had the veins and arteries of a twenty year old, so the prognosis looked good.

Then the catherization collapsed and they did a by-pass using a vein in the leg to replace the artery in the leg. There is a lot to this story, but I’ll say here that he ended up spending three months in the hospital, he was intubated three times and finally he was sent home so he could decide whether he was going to have that leg amputated. They wanted to save the knee so he was supposed to let them know before the gangrene progressed to a certain mole on his leg.

1769 wds


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  1. […] Someone wrote me a few days ago that I never continued my story about my husband which I put in my first blog post. If you didn’t read the first portion it’s located toward the end of the post, or you can check it out  here: https://muchadoaboutnano.wordpress.com/2012/11/01/im-a-nano-rebel/. […]

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