November 24, Saturday-Only Six Days Left

It’s hard to believe, it’s only six more days until nano is completed. I have a ways to go, but I could still make it.

I was looking at the blog and it looked like I forgot to post yesterday when I was certain that I had. I had to open up my dashboard and take a look at it when I discovered I put the wrong date in yesterdays post. I don’t know how I managed that as I have the date and time displayed right on my desktop in plain sight.

So I did write yesterday, twice in fact.

I’ve written a few reviews today. One of them I posted on my reviewing site on WordPress.  I may put others there eventually. I’m checking with the authors first to see if they mind having my review linked to their items, as they may not want to broadcast any mistakes they have made.

Actually, I’ll let you read an item I made today asking for permission from authors to display their work with my reviews. It can be found here:

If you read it you can tell me what you think. Granted you may not be a member of that particular web site, but wherever your work is located, would you be interested in a review and then a link back to your item? That would be my main question.

This little bit of writing is 232 words, whereas everything else I’ve written today including the three reviews, and some posting elsewhere which is an additional 3126, that = 3358



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