November 28, Part Two, A Little About a Lot of Things

I don’t have much time left, I feel like I should stay up all night and get my writing in, but I can’t. I do have the day off from working the cashiering job tomorrow, but I have employees that would like to work. With the cold snap we’ve been having I don’t really want to work, but we do need to make money to pay the bills so I really have no choice but to work-if only for part of the day.

The high tomorrow is supposed to get to about 35, but it’s supposed to feel about six degrees colder than what the thermometer shows all day. That means it will be brisk working outside. For some of our jobs the person that handles the ladder, usually a guy, is the one that works outside while the rest of us girls/women work inside. Then when we finish with the inside we will help with the outside.

Tomorrow, all our jobs are on the outside, something I’m not looking forward to at all. I could just drive everyone there and stay in the car, which I may have to do part of the day as my knees are still healing-they are a lot better, but not perfect. They won’t be perfect I don’t think unless or until I get a knee replacement, but someday’s they are better than others. They’ve been healing up each day from when I sprained them. I think if I didn’t have to stand on them for my whole shift that they would be a lot better, but that’s how life is.

If I wasn’t working tomorrow, I could spend the whole day writing. Why is  it that a few days ago when I did have some quality time to write, I was word-less. I won’t say  I had writer’s block, because I don’t really believe in that, but I wasn’t in the mood to think of something worthwhile to say.

Now, that I’m getting closer to the wire I don’t think I’m too concerned about having something worthwhile to say so much as getting to the overall goal of 50k by Friday. I’ve never been this close before, it’s rather fun don’t you think?

For those of you that this is your first nano. When you get those 50k words completed make sure you get them verified with the official site, I think you have to upload your writing somewhere on the site. I haven’t done it myself yet, so I can’t help you there. I did ask a friend about it and she gave me some hints as I’ve not been keeping every word I’ve written since much of it is from so many different sources.

I hope to have time tomorrow evening to copy everything I’ve written on my many blogs onto a word document, then I’ll see how many words I’m lacking. I should be able to find some of the chats that I chatted (lol), and I can find all the reviews I did for the month even if I didn’t actually remember to use them.

The problem I might have is that my workers might want to work Friday morning and I’ll be working Friday night. I may not get out of work in enough time to work on the document then. Tomorrow, my husband and I planned on going thirty minutes away to a library to hear a talk by four or five authors that have published using different means like self-publishing, small press publishing and maybe others.

One other thing I thought about discussing sometime, and I’ll see how much time I have to do it now is passive voice.

Unfortunately, I know that I overuse passive voice on here. One thing I do like about Word Press is that it will tell you when you have used passive voice; the thing I don’t like about it is that it won’t give you suggestions on what you can do to make it better. When I’m not writing in a hurry, I’ve taken the time to try to make it right, but nowadays I’ve just been okay-ing the post since I’m trying to get as many in before midnight as I possibly can.

I’d like to get better with active voice, not using adverbs, or at least knowing when it’s okay to use them and when it’s better to steer clear. State of action verbs I know are no, no’s. I attended an online conference last month and learned a bit about that, but the author leading the workshop says you have to use some, just not the amount that many of us do use. So that would be another area to improve one’s writing in.

There are so many other things that I need to improve in my writing. I took a class at the community college last year and one of them was English Comp. I hoped to learn some of these things, but I think I’d have to talk to someone to find out if there were any classes dealing with these topics. I might have to take courses through the writing site that I keep talking about, since I know they do teach about comma’s and punctuation. That in itself would be a good start.

An additional 920 words in this post. (Slowly I’m creeping up there. This will make 44,179 for me so far). The coolest thing about adding words to me is seeing the lines get closer to the diagonal line at the top of the stats page.



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