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November 17, We All Need to Slow Down and Not Be in a Hurry

Today I’m going to talk about how all of us should take charge of our lives, slow down and not be in such a hurry.

I was planning on getting a decent amount of writing in today, and I still maybe be able to later on, but something happened this morning that I wasn’t anticipating.

I always feel that it’s better to not get in a hurry in the things of life, and today is another example of that very thing. I’m not writing this to complain, or to have you feel sorry for me. On the other hand if any of you pray, you can pray for me to heal faster.

I thought I set my alarm for 7am this morning so I would have plenty of time to eat and be to work by 8:15am. On Saturday’s it usually doesn’t take me much more than five to ten minutes to drive to work as the traffic isn’t all that bad early morning.

I woke up at 8:05, obviously, I wasn’t going to make it in time. Rarely do I miss breakfast, but I cannot afford to be late. Our company began to use a point system for late days, late breaks or call ins. Once we get up to eleven or twelve points we can be fired and I was up to five points before this morning. I vowed that I would not be late for any reason at least until my points began over again. That would be when a year is up for each point individually.

So, I did what had to be done and raced out of the house with my lunch box in hand. It was foggy outside, so I figured it must be a bit warmer and because  I was so late I wasn’t thinking clearly although I didn’t realize that at the time.

For the past week I’ve had to put down some salt as the deck and ramp has been slightly frosted from the colder weather we’ve been having at night. Had I been on time I may have thought to put some salt down today, but it didn’t even enter my mind.

You probably guessed where I’m going with this story. I took about four steps down the ramp and down I went. Normally, I will test my footing by holding  the railing until I take stock of  the situation. Today, I didn’t even think about it.

As I said, hurrying usually racks up more problems than it solves. It seems like most of the population is always in a hurry, at least those that buy groceries are where I work.

It sure didn’t benefit me today. I laid on the ramp for about ten minutes. Before getting up I called work and told them what had happened. I was already late so 1/2 point would be against me; I was hoping that I wouldn’t be too late otherwise I would be there later than I scheduled.

I also told them  that I wanted to take stock of my body to make sure I didn’t get injured more than it felt at that point. After talking with them,  I slowly got up being careful to hold the railing and worked my way up the ramp to the front door.

I could barely walk. I went to my computer and sat down. After sitting for a few minutes, I felt that it didn’t feel so awful anymore and that I should try to work, and if I couldn’t then I would just have to go home early. That would be frowned upon just as much as being late, and a 1/2 point may be added although I don’t know about that for sure as it would be the same day and circumstances.

I got up from my chair, and slowly tried to walk to the other room. I barely made it four steps when I knew I wouldn’t be able to work in this condition. I called them again to let them know I wasn’t coming in at all.

Originally, I wasn’t planning on going to ER as I couldn’t afford to, but when everything (knees, ankle and back) hurt just walking, I decided maybe I needed to go in to the annex of the hospital that treats situations that aren’t emergencies.

We, my husband and myself, ate a quick breakfast and then headed out. It took a while to arrive as today was the Thanksgiving parade and a lot of the streets were blocked off. Because of the parade, there weren’t many people waiting to get help and I got taken care of in record time.

After the doctor there checked me out and took x-rays just to be sure, we found out that nothing was broken, nor did I tear any ligaments or tendons. I did sprain both knees and the doctor recommended knee replacements within the next few years as I do have calcium deposits and other issues affecting each knee.

I can only walk short distances, mostly I’m using my husband’s walker. Thankfully, he only needs it for when he takes a shower.

He doesn’t take it into the shower with him, (my comment might sound like he does), but he needs it to get out of the shower, as he leaves his prosthetic outside of the tub. Somehow he uses the walker and the handicap bars to pull himself out of the shower.

In a few minutes, I’m heading to bed to prop my knees up and put ice packs on them, which I have to do for at least thirty minutes four times daily. I’m taking a book with me to get some reading done, unless I decide to get some sleep.

So, again when at all possible do your best to slow down so you don’t have to hurry about your day. If need be get in the habit of leaving earlier than usual so you aren’t late. If it’s a situation where others are making you late, then you might consider it may be to help you stay out of a calamity coming up.

If we consider how long different tasks will take and schedule our time appropriately, and even figure in some extra time, then we won’t be affected by the feelings of being late anymore and we may even accomplish more.

We get people in the store that get upset because they should have left already to pick up their children from school or an after school activity or something similar. If they had come shopping sooner, or got what they really needed and shopped for the remainder of their list when no one was waiting for them, then they would be able to be at the next stop on time.

The one thing with shopping, whether for groceries, or any retail store, or even any other place like going out to eat at a restaurant, rarely can a person control the experience. They can’t control how long it takes to shop, or get their food at a restaurant, they can’t control how long the lines might be or anything related to most of what we do outside our own homes.

Even going to the doctor takes up more of our time than we would like or expect. Another aspect is making reservations at busy restaurants. Even with reservations, or doctor appointments, it doesn’t ensure a quick in and out, it just means you are next in line; when you arrive, you might find others still in line that should have been long gone rather than still waiting.

So, plan your day. Take into account what errands you hope to get done, and consider how long it could take if it takes a lot longer than usual. Do you (or I) have the extra time to be there? Would it be better to wait to say shop until after a spouse is home to watch the kids or have a babysitter pick them up from their activity?

What can we do different to help us all stop hurrying so much? Pre-planning will help us be able to slow down, and in turn will help us eliminate situations that cause us distress and then we should no longer feel the need to hurry.

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November 4, Being Approved By God

Before I begin, I want to apologize for the lack of paragraph spacing further down. For some reason even though I’ve tried to fix it several times, I haven’t figured out what is going on.

What is it I want most in my life? Even more than having a career as a writer and making money with my writing, I want my life to be approved by God.

In the Bible, II Timothy 2:15 in the King James Version it states:

Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly divides the word of truth.

What is the word of truth? Many think truth is relative. What does that mean? If you check out the definition at

Under number three of a noun it says .

“something dependent upon external conditions for its specific nature, size, etc. (opposed to absolute). ” So to my understanding, when people say that truth is relative they may be saying that truth is dependent upon certain conditions being met.
For example there was a man in the 1500’s who became a priest but later left the priesthood as he had ideas about the world which were different with the views propounded by the main churches at that time, Roman Catholicism, Calvinists and Lutherans.
He taught that when people viewed something differently like the world or the universe that the knowledge was relative to each person’s perceptions, therefore, the knowledge couldn’t be absolute. He is considered to be a front-runner to certain viewpoints and philosophy’s of today.
While this may be true of philosophy and scientific research, it is not true of Godly things. What God has put forth in his word is truth and it is absolute, no matter the viewpoint of the person reading it.
The interesting thing is that God will work within a person’s heart so they can truly understand his heart to them as they read and study the words found within God’s heart, which is the Bible.
The main ingredient to receive God’s heart is to be meek, willing to listen and then obey. Part of this can be found in
James 1:21, 22
…and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.
But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
For any who would like to learn, God is ready and willing and able to instruct you. Generally that instruction comes when we sit down and read and study His word, but it can come at other times also. The main thing is to take what you learn and go back to His word and research what you learn against the truth written therein. If they match up, then you know what you learned was from God.
Eventually,  you will know when he is talking to you and hopefully you will not only listen but also do what you are shown.
Each person that gains insight into different aspects of God’s word, or maybe their own life through the filter of God’s word may see things differently, but that’s because we all come from different backgrounds. Therefore, we process ideas in many ways and may even come to different conclusions. If the conclusions are not contrary to what God teaches us in His word, then that is fine to be different. When the conclusions are at cross-purposes to the Word of God, then the person needs to rethink the situation according to Biblical truths.
I’ve been reading a book, a part of a series I haven’t read in over twenty years or so. I planned on writing a book review on the third book in the series that I began last week. Today, while mulling some things over while at work, I realized that I don’t want to be connected to the series.
I’ll say that it is a love story, it’s about how people do and don’t get along especially when they are from various cultures. It’s about the travels of a man and woman and what they encounter along the way.
It’s hard to explain why I want to steer clear of writing about the book, but I guess it’s that if I review it, it would be as if I put my stamp of approval on the book. While I know it’s good to read all sorts of books to gain a wide range of knowledge and understanding about people, certain concepts in certain books can affect some people in a manner that isn’t the best.
While I may be able to read many types of books without it changing who I am, I can’t guarantee that for everyone. We should want what we read and watch on TV to heal our inner psyche’s, our souls. Young people especially and young children are swayed easily  as they either haven’t been taught, or haven’t learned how to assimilate what they are reading or seeing without it causing  undue harm to themselves or to others.
Even certain adults should refrain from exposing themselves to such material. I’m not necessarily talking about material or media that is sexual in context like the new series Fifty Shades of Gray. I am talking about anything that is contrary to that which is: honest, true, just, pure, lovely, virtuous, praiseworthy, or of a good report. These traits can be found in Phillipians 4:8.
We will be held accountable for what we put out there for others. Do we want to be rewarded for our efforts in life, or do we want to be embarrassed for those things? I for one want to be approved, therefore, I’ve made the decision to keep that at the forefront of my thinking. (I’m sure I will forget, but I hope I’ll remember more often than not).
As Rev. Wayne Clapp wrote recently in a newsletter I get electronically, “God is willing to start the fire, but He requires us to maintain it. As with fire, our dreams need ignition and fuel to burn. God will ignite a dream in your heart, but we must continually add the fuel of the Word of God to our dream, in order to keep it burning”.  [Jeremiah 20:9 and Hebrews 12: 28 and 29].
(If any of you are interested I can forward you a copy of the newsletter).
For those that have a problem dealing with reality, without God’s word to use as a filter for their thoughts and ideas, they won’t be able to keep their stampeding thought processes reined in which may not cause any ripples right then, but eventually it could cause a major catastrophe.
I know that some people that hurt others, like those that kidnap children and keep them in bondage, or those that kill, steal or are abusive to name a few may have been raised in one faith or another,  yet, somehow, it didn’t sink in enough to maintain equilibrium when things took a turn for the worst; they weren’t able to control their responses or so it is thought.
God gives us the control over our own minds, bodies and hearts. We decide what we allow in and out; we can be a benefit to others or a hindrance, it’s all up to us.
If we don’t know God’s word with which we can filter everything that comes through our five senses then there is no guarantee that we’ll respond in a humanitarian way, for truth won’t be guiding us.
I’m not saying we need to have a book burning, or demolish all the books in existence that are or seem to be contrary to the Word of God, but I’m saying that we need to control our own minds and also teach our children how to control their minds.

Also, how quickly it influences a person negatively is in direct proportion to how much they feed on such things. If they/we take the time to think on good things, then hopefully anything we are introduced to that could tip the scale in the other direction would be minimal at best.

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November 3, Who’s Taking the Blame?

Today I want to start by continuing part of what I was talking about yesterday. Well, I was writing, not talking, but you know what I mean. I was sharing about being consistent and not procrastinating. I know I was consistent and had good habits build at one time in my life, but somewhere life go in the way, I got busy and didn’t keep everything up.

I could blame it on someone in my home as they had a  lackadaisical attitude about helping out most of the time and I could say that was a good reason, but I won’t. Blame on anything always falls back on ourselves, unless it’s related to abuse of some sort, then of course I never believe a person brings it on themselves.

The human race, though, is over-eager to blame someone else for their inadequacies, mistakes, failures, breaking the law or whatever. Be it big things or little things, it’s easier to find someone else to blame rather than taking the blame upon ourselves.

It’s one thing taking the blame it’s quite another getting depressed over whatever it was that happened, or not meeting one’s goals or whatever the thing might be. If you are someone that has a hard time accepting the blame or if you’re able to accept it but have a hard time dealing with it afterward, you may want to seek out professional counseling. I believe it is possible to live with an optimistic attitude, you just might need some training to live that way.

I cannot blame being inconsistent with anyone but myself. I think another excuse I could give would be the computer, before the computer age, I’d like to think I got a lot more done.

Thinking about it though, that’s not even it. Maybe it’s age related, aches and pains related-still nothing to blame, yet…

I remember within the past twelve years moving the furniture around in the living room and the bedroom to vacuum around the walls and corners to stop spiders from getting a hold and making a home. My mother trained us to do this, we did it on a monthly basis.

I know others who have never really done this, or if they do, it’s more on a bi-yearly to yearly basis. I had to quit, or slow down with it when I realized that my using my knees to move the couches and chairs maybe were a factor in my knees not being as healthy as they could be. I know I’ve been afflicted with arthritis in the past, but have found different products that have worked well to minimize the effects of the ailment. Even then, I’ve all but eliminated moving everything around. Recently though, I did take the bed apart and vacuum thoroughly along with a large section of the room.

I went to an orthopedic specialist a few years ago to get exercises that would benefit my knees so I wouldn’t need knee replacement surgery down the road. My regular doctor ordered up ex-rays of my knees and told me that I did have arthritis. The specialist told me he didn’t see the arthritis (or so I understood), but that something was wrong with my knees, he just didn’t know what the problem was.

My left knee isn’t as flexible as the right one is, and neither one is great. I thought maybe the left one had a miniscus tear in it and I was kind of hoping to have surgery on it, as I had heard that the surgery does wonders. He didn’t believe that was the problem either. He did order up the exercises, though and I was able to go to a physical therapist for several weeks and continued with them at home for quite a while.

Since then I talked with a PA that works in the same office, and he told me something like the top of the knee moves along a bone on either side of the knee and that as a person gets older the section it sits on widens causing the knee cap to slide off the bone. It’s only temporary, but it’s excruciating while it lasts. For me, it’s lasted at the most maybe, thirty  seconds, not very long thankfully. Generally, it happens when I’m walking, although my knees act weird when climbing stairs, so I like to use two hands to hold the railing in case one of my knees decides to give out.

He said it is a problem with both men and women, mostly as they get older, and it’s more common with women than men.

When I saw the specialist, I did think of asking him if he thought all the years with me moving furniture with my knees caused my problems, and he didn’t believe that affected them, but I still wonder. Now whenever I move furniture to do cleaning, I do my best to move it from a different position. Since I have the problems I do with my knees, I’m not able to lift say a couch or chair (even with help) with my knees which would be the proper way to lift.

So, I don’t know whether my procrastination with cleaning is because I’m so busy (working two jobs and trying to write on the side), or because I’m trying to keep up with the dishes, or raking leaves or mowing the lawn… Sorry, not meaning to sound highfalutin, mostly trying to make a simple transition between the sections already written with what comes next.

Have you all heard about the cobbler’s son? That could be my main problem. I’m overextended and in the wrong business. I’ve talked about cleaning windows before, but that’s not all we’re a general cleaning business also. Some years we have more other cleaning jobs that others. We cleaned a church for over five years, and right now we’re cleaning a gym twice a week, but thankfully, I’ not doing the cleaning.

I don’t mind cleaning for others, it’s just that I’m busy enough as it is. We’re only doing it on a temporary basis as the regular person that cleans for them is in Russia helping to make her mother’s last days on earth better.

One thing I’ve been trying to do for a long time is building a habit of consistency in my writing, especially my various blogs. I don’t care whether I write a post per day, necessarily, in fact at this stage it’s stupid for me to expect that of myself. But I can get to the place where I can do it every week or at the most ever other week, now that would be grand. Then I could take turns on which one I post and keep them all fairly active.

(As an aside, I wish I could get this blog to post according to my time zone. Right not it’s 7:50 pm in my time zone which is est but WordPress has it as 11:30pm, therefore, I’m obviously not going to get this completed before midnight on WordPress as it’s fast approaching and I have a couple of other things to accomplish before I continue and write everything I hope to write tonight. Sheesh, or ish as a friend would say). Weird, WordPress’s time doesn’t seem to change unless a person is writing. In my time about two hours have passed, but on WordPress it’s only been about twenty minutes.  It says 11:54 now. I may just stop shortly, post this and start again in a few minutes.

I have to interrupt this previously scheduled program to take care of something I promised to do, and then I’m going to cook up some spaghetti squash to have before it gets too late, and then I’ll be back. 

Ooh, got some great ideas for my Christian blog from cooking the squash and trying to remove the seeds. Will post on that later.

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