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Some of the Types of Books I’d Like to Write Are:

Some of the types of books I’d like to write eventually are: Christian books for Children’s, tweens and teens and books for adults, I’d also like to try some chapter books for younger children. My nephew’s daughter was able to read chapter books at the fourth grade level when she was four years old. Even though she could read the books, she wasn’t able to understand everything she read.

Earlier today I checked out the blog for one of the people that liked my earlier post. The person does a blog that reviews children’s books and the blog inspired me to write some children’s books, something I thought about doing when my girls were younger.

I attended the Muse Online Writer’s Conference this year and some of the published authors there told me that I’d never make any money blogging and that I should put my efforts into writing short stories or novels instead.

I believe we can make money by blogging, but there are certain techniques that that are suggested before that will happen. I was a part of a site that taught its members how to do this, but it will take a small investment to make it happen. I have no extra money to invest, plus my time doesn’t allow for the research needed to pursue it further. I have been jotting down ideas for the future on what I want to do with it at a later time.

I do have several types of novels that I began to write years ago that are waiting for me to work on them again. Now that I know that I can work on something previously started as a rebel on nano, I may work on one or more of them in the years ahead.

I began a teen sci-fi, a teen novel, a novel based on the concept found in the book by Charles Sheldon, In His Steps.  I began a novel last nano relating to working with organic  foods that takes place in the future. Most of my stories are on my computer or on a disk somewhere, but I hope to find one or two that I wrote down in notebooks before the majority of us had computers in our homes.

When you are reading novels or short stories written by others, do you ever think of an idea along the same lines that you could write a story about? It’s good to write those ideas down, for if you ever want to do anything with it later, probably you won’t remember. I try to remember to carry a small notebook in my back pocket for such things.

I found out recently that I have a note-pad on my cell phone. The only thing about that is when I’m at work I can’t pull it out to jot down a note, but I can pull out my note pad to make a note or two.

Sorry, I forgot to post my word count for this post. 496

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