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Thursday November 23, Catching Up, I Hope

I have several things I hope to write about today, I may write about them individually and post them separately to help with tagging and those that crawl, otherwise it could get a bit confusing.

I was hoping to get a lot of writing done today and tomorrow. Now, though it’s already 4:25 pm EST and other than some writing I did in a different format, this is the first I’ve written today. I had planned to get more done by now.

One of the reasons I’m just beginning to write for the day is because I did take a nap earlier to rest my knees which are still healing from the fall that happened last weekend. Each day they (my knees) are getting better, yet each day they seem a little worse for wear also. Part of that is due to having to work a job where I stand for the whole shift; having my weight on my knees without being able to take a small break periodically makes them throb and hurt a bit more.

I figured that if I took a nap and had my knees on two pillows-which is how I’ve been sleeping-that would give them the support they need and help them heal faster. It didn’t seem to help today as they throbbed even when I was sleeping. Granted, it probably did help them in the long run-we don’t always know what benefits we are giving our body when we do the things we know is right.

After the nap I decided to eat a late lunch so I could take 1/2 a dose of medicine that I was given at the Med center. When I took the one dose the day of the fall, it made me nauseated and dizzy. My regular physician suggested I try to take half a dose as I mentioned above. I ate some soup and some cake left over from my kids birthday, took the dose of medicine and am feeling fine.

Maybe I’ll be able to continue to take it until the throbbing relinquishes it’s hold and I can walk and stand without wishing I had something to hold. My sister suggested that I walk with a cane until it heals and that is probably a great idea. I did use an extra one my husband had when I didn’t need the walker anymore in the house.

I even took the cane with me to work one day figuring that I would use it to get from my car to the front door of work, but there was a shopping cart handy and I decided to use that instead. That worked well for earlier in the week as the times I went to work were later in the afternoon and shoppers left their carts near my car.

Yesterday, (Thanksgiving), and this morning, when I went in at 5:45 both days, the shopping cart corrals were empty. That meant that I had to walk without anything to hold. Normally that isn’t a big deal. We all do that whether working or shopping, but when you injure something, especially an area that is helping to hold up your body weight, it is helpful to have something to lean on.

When walking from my register to where the break-room is, I chose to use a cart to lean on to take my weight off my knees. It takes a little longer to move that way, but not as long as it would have taken me had I not utilized the cart.

When my knees heal up sufficiently, my doctor suggested that I do exercises using my quad muscles. Through the years, I did different things that caused my quads to get weak which in turn caused my knee bones to not stay in the tracks the way they are designed.

The following link shows the benefits to maintaining strong quads.

I thought the problem stemmed from me taking a fall at work on the hard floor over eight years ago. They (work) should have sent me to the med center at that time for ex-rays, just to make sure there wouldn’t be any ongoing problems from the fall. I did break or chip my two front teeth, which they did pay for.

Since then I have had problems with my knees on a somewhat irregular basis. It’s hard to know where these problems stem from as I do have arthritis in my genetic line and have had both my knees and my ankles crack when walking since I was in my early forties. After I fell, years ago, I didn’t notice any problems with my knees at that time.

Another thing I do is that when I stand, I tend to put most of my weight on my right leg. I think the reason I do that is that I almost always have a callous or more on my left foot. Standing that way means the weight isn’t making them hurt more than they do already.

When the doctor at the med center, (when I went after falling last weekend) saw the ex-rays, I shared with him some of the problems I had long-term with my knees. One of the problems that I have that I haven’t mentioned yet is that I am unable to straighten my left leg all the way. In other words the muscles will not extend completely.

I thought for the longest time that I had a meniscus tear. A customer of ours told me that I should get it taken care of because she had hers repaired, and it was the best decision she made. I did make an appointment with the specialist and after looking at the ex-rays he told me that I didn’t have a meniscus tear, that he didn’t know what my problem was, but it wasn’t from arthritis either.

He sent me to physical therapy for six weeks or so as I wanted exercises to do to prevent or postpone a possible/probably knee replacement. I did the exercises faithfully for quite a while before quitting.

I’m not an early riser and when it became time for me to run the business again for the year, it was hard enough to get going every morning without adding exercises on top of it. So, unfortunately, I stopped doing them. Probably not the best decision in my life.

One thing that has happened in the past to my knees, but thankfully hasn’t happened in a while is that it feels like my knee splits right in the middle. It only lasts for maybe fifteen, twenty seconds, but even though the time it lasts is minimal, it’s excruciating. Once it goes back into place, the pain is gone immediately.

When this has happened is usually when I’ve walked for a distance in a store without having any type of support. When it happens it feels like my knee will not support me any more and that I’m going to fall flat on my face, but since doesn’t last very long, I am able to catch myself from falling as soon as the bones move back where they belong.

I’ve had two doctors explain to me what is taking place, and both explanations are very similar. Basically our knee cap rides on bones on either side of the knee. As we get older, that track can widen which means the knee falls off one side or the other. That is what causes the excruciating pain. Thankfully, it is not ongoing-I do not understand why that is, but it does move back into place.

That is when my doctor suggested that I work the quad muscles. I had told him that I had a membership at Planet Fitness and asked how long I had to wait till I returned. I haven’t been going as much even before this happened as I was in the summer months. Mainly that is because I haven’t looked forward to going through the process of changing into shorts and then not knowing if I’ll be warm enough in shorts, or if the heat will be on somewhat, and then I could be too warm.

I’m hoping that getting my quads stronger will help motivate me into getting back into being more regular with my visits there.

I think I’m about at the end of what I want to say here. I know I didn’t stick to only one topic as I had planned, but at least I didn’t ramble on and on. I do plan on starting the post about people being considerate that I believe I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

I will write that on my muchadoaboutmanythings blog, and will post the direct link here in a new post when I have that finished.

Thank you for putting up with me being long-winded.

This post 1468, writing for the day elsewhere 957 =2425 so far for today’s efforts. (Not counting this line).


November 18, Update on My Health and Other Things

To start out with I thought it would be nice to give an update on my health as it relates to the fall I took yesterday morning. Yesterday, I could barely stand at all without supporting myself with the walker; using the walker allowed me to put most of my weight on the walker rather than only on my knees. Maybe that wasn’t really the case for how does one get the main part of their weight distributed on their hands? I’m not sure whether that can really be done, but it sure helps having the walker for support.

Yesterday when I did try to stand without the walker, it hurt too much to do it for very long, whereas today, I was able to withstand the pressure of my weight for longer periods of time. I took ten minutes in the morning to wash some dishes. Later in the day I walked around the kitchen without the cane or walker and later yet I walked from the kitchen to the front door to turn on the porch light. We are guessing that is about twenty feet from point A to point B. Granted I walked slower than  I have in a long time, but I was able to walk there and back.

It’s much easier for me to move about if I haven’t sat at my chair for long periods of time. That makes it a bit difficult for I am trying to get a major amount of writing in today, and I’ve done fairly well, although I’ve done most of it everywhere but here in this blog.

In fact, I should take ten minutes and get up and walk around a little bit to stretch out my legs. Be right back.  Then my kids (daughters) came into the kitchen and I heard about their day today. I enjoy visiting with them, because soon they will be moving out and then things will be totally different, no more heart to hearts.

I set the walker aside, I think I can walk around without it now. I may take the cane to bed with me as it’s hard to get up in the middle of the night without holding onto something. Even before I fell it was hard to get up out of the bed but oddly enough it’s only hard the first time, after that it’s easier. I don’t understand why that is, but I like it.

I’m hoping that the doctor will clear me going back to work tomorrow and I’m hoping he won’t want to manipulate my  knees to see how they are as that may throw off my being able to walk on them like I am.

My concern for tomorrow night while cashiering is that my shift is at least 6.5 hours if I remember correctly. Normally I have problems walking after my shift is over; I think the only way to make sure it’s not even worse this week is to take a few steps away from the register after every order or every few orders. The only thing is the customers may not be too happy about that as they are always in a hurry, other than the ones that know me, they will feel bad about the situation.

I’m going to end this post here. I had hoped to do more but I keep getting interrupted. I want to make sure I can post my word count on the official page before midnight.

I did a few reviews tonight and was planning on putting some of them on here. I will probably include them tomorrow, but not include the word count since I’ve included the count already in what I’ve written on my blogs and everywhere but here.

This post is 625 words, and the other places is 3166. Finally I’m getting more caught up. That totals =3791


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