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Would You Like To Make Money Blogging or Writing in General?

If you are looking for a great place to make money  with your writing, is a place you should check out.

I was a writer several years ago on and made about $125.00 in one year and a half. On bubblews, I have made over two hundred dollars in just three short months. I could have done better than that, but there were some days when i didn’t do much as I was reading a few good books, plus I work two jobs and I don’t have the time to devote to the site like others there do.

You can write up to ten posts per day about your world and you get paid a penny for every unique like, comment and view of your post. That means if I comment two times on one post, you will get paid once for the comment and once for the view, but if I comment on two posts of yours then you will get a penny for each post that I view and each comment that  I make.

If you join up, you want to read and study the rules found on the bank page at the top of every page and the TOU (Terms of Use), if you follow those things, you will get paid.

If you are doing nano, and you choose to put portions of your writing on there, you will get paid for doing so, but you can’t post the same material elsewhere at the same time.


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