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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I got my remaining words in for nano during the first post of the day today. That means I’ve already written 50,000 words. As many already know, I’m not writing a novel, but I ‘m using all the words I’ve written on Bubblews toward my word count, that means that I’m one of many nano rebels. I’m still going to continue to count the words I write the rest of the week and see how much higher I get that the goal.

Last night I tried for the upteenth time to log into the official nano site and I don’t remember my password. I tried to have it sent to my email address, but it never came through. I don’t know if the glitch is on the nano end or on my email server end. If needed I suppose I can start up a new account one more time.

My two posts for today so far are:  943 words  482 words

Total today is 1585 words


November 30b, This is the End of My Experience with Being a Nano Rebel in 2012

This is the end of my experience with being  a nano rebel in 2012, and it was exciting to see all those words coming together, especially since I got no where near this amount of words when I’ve done nano in the past.

Just so you know, I’m starting this last post in November at 7:49pm and I got out of work only five minutes late, an amazing feat for a Friday before the Holidays.

In future years, whether I’m a rebel again or do an actual novel, I will take the time to upload the words as I write them before the day is over so I won’t have to agonize over that part of it at the final end. Had I known that I could still verify my words as a nano rebel, I would have started this sooner.

I have a salad waiting for me to complete this, for it’s hard to write and eat at the same time, which possibly  many of you know for yourselves. My current salad is made with Dole greener select. I’d prefer something a bit healthier, but this is the lettuce my husband prefers, and if we have too many kinds opened at once there is that many more to wilt quickly.

With my salad I have shredded cheese, this happens to be Kraft brand, cut a bit bigger, but I prefer smaller shreds (if there is such a word-well there is, but it doesn’t seem right there) and I have no problem eating some store brands, they don’t all have to be name brands.

I have one piece of deli ham which  I cut up with a knife, I have one hard-boiled egg, cut, I could have cucumbers, but that would make me cold, so I didn’t bother for the night. Another thing that i enjoy to put on my salads is a product by Fresh Gourmet. It’s flavored crispy onions, similar to the onions that go into green bean casserole, but these are located in the produce section in my store and we like both the onion and garlic flavor. It also comes in tortilla flavors, but if I’m going to have taco salad, I’d prefer to have a basic taco chip.

I have planned on doing a food report and taking pictures, which I might still do one day. I had to wait until my husband’s printer was fixed as it kept saying there was a cartridge error. The error may show up because we don’t use brand name ink cartridges, but rather get the ink refilled by a franchise in our area called Cartridge World.

It’s much less expensive and after every tenth purchase we get one free. They even can fix certain printers depending on what is wrong with them. Sometimes they, the printers, just need the heads cleaned, I believe they do that for free. Other things might only cost $20.00, less expensive than purchasing a new printer.

We had this problem with the same type of printer last year, but we didn’t know that Cartridge World could fix them so inexpensively. Since we did like the printer, we purchased a new one. The new one didn’t last long before it too began to act up.

We quit purchasing Dell printers because they eventually wouldn’t accept ink done elsewhere rather than purchasing Dell cartridges. They worked okay for quite a while, then all of a sudden they wouldn’t work anymore. We liked both printers, but they shouldn’t be able to decide where we purchase our ink especially since brand name is normally so much more expensive.

It’s annoying when you put your money into a printer and then it doesn’t last as long as you expect it too. I think this is a problem whether you spend a lot or a little on printers, as it’s a problem with almost anything we buy these days.

In fact, maybe you all know this, but sometime in the past someone had the bright idea to manufacture things without providing the quality we were always used to. They figured it would force us to purchase another item that  much more quickly than we had to before.

I have a kitchen floor that is over sixty years old. It does need to be replaced now because since my husband can’t take off his shoes, there is ground in dirt in the crevices-it’s like an Armstrong floor. I talked with someone I know that their floor looked in decent shape compared to ours and she was planning on replacing her floor and I then found out that it was only nineteen years old. That is a big difference on things lasting not as long as they used to. The same is true for appliances: washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves and the like.

We used to purchase a package of towels that we used to clean windows, they were nice and thick and lasted several seasons. Now we’re lucky if they last six months and that’s even without using bleach on them, for bleach thins them out even faster.

Well everyone, I now have 846 words and I only needed 657, so I’m closing this post now. i may come back once to chat a bit to finalize my nano project for 2012. Again I welcome all of you to my other blogs, and I plan on visiting all of your blogs within the next two weeks or so.

November 28, Part Two, A Little About a Lot of Things

I don’t have much time left, I feel like I should stay up all night and get my writing in, but I can’t. I do have the day off from working the cashiering job tomorrow, but I have employees that would like to work. With the cold snap we’ve been having I don’t really want to work, but we do need to make money to pay the bills so I really have no choice but to work-if only for part of the day.

The high tomorrow is supposed to get to about 35, but it’s supposed to feel about six degrees colder than what the thermometer shows all day. That means it will be brisk working outside. For some of our jobs the person that handles the ladder, usually a guy, is the one that works outside while the rest of us girls/women work inside. Then when we finish with the inside we will help with the outside.

Tomorrow, all our jobs are on the outside, something I’m not looking forward to at all. I could just drive everyone there and stay in the car, which I may have to do part of the day as my knees are still healing-they are a lot better, but not perfect. They won’t be perfect I don’t think unless or until I get a knee replacement, but someday’s they are better than others. They’ve been healing up each day from when I sprained them. I think if I didn’t have to stand on them for my whole shift that they would be a lot better, but that’s how life is.

If I wasn’t working tomorrow, I could spend the whole day writing. Why is  it that a few days ago when I did have some quality time to write, I was word-less. I won’t say  I had writer’s block, because I don’t really believe in that, but I wasn’t in the mood to think of something worthwhile to say.

Now, that I’m getting closer to the wire I don’t think I’m too concerned about having something worthwhile to say so much as getting to the overall goal of 50k by Friday. I’ve never been this close before, it’s rather fun don’t you think?

For those of you that this is your first nano. When you get those 50k words completed make sure you get them verified with the official site, I think you have to upload your writing somewhere on the site. I haven’t done it myself yet, so I can’t help you there. I did ask a friend about it and she gave me some hints as I’ve not been keeping every word I’ve written since much of it is from so many different sources.

I hope to have time tomorrow evening to copy everything I’ve written on my many blogs onto a word document, then I’ll see how many words I’m lacking. I should be able to find some of the chats that I chatted (lol), and I can find all the reviews I did for the month even if I didn’t actually remember to use them.

The problem I might have is that my workers might want to work Friday morning and I’ll be working Friday night. I may not get out of work in enough time to work on the document then. Tomorrow, my husband and I planned on going thirty minutes away to a library to hear a talk by four or five authors that have published using different means like self-publishing, small press publishing and maybe others.

One other thing I thought about discussing sometime, and I’ll see how much time I have to do it now is passive voice.

Unfortunately, I know that I overuse passive voice on here. One thing I do like about Word Press is that it will tell you when you have used passive voice; the thing I don’t like about it is that it won’t give you suggestions on what you can do to make it better. When I’m not writing in a hurry, I’ve taken the time to try to make it right, but nowadays I’ve just been okay-ing the post since I’m trying to get as many in before midnight as I possibly can.

I’d like to get better with active voice, not using adverbs, or at least knowing when it’s okay to use them and when it’s better to steer clear. State of action verbs I know are no, no’s. I attended an online conference last month and learned a bit about that, but the author leading the workshop says you have to use some, just not the amount that many of us do use. So that would be another area to improve one’s writing in.

There are so many other things that I need to improve in my writing. I took a class at the community college last year and one of them was English Comp. I hoped to learn some of these things, but I think I’d have to talk to someone to find out if there were any classes dealing with these topics. I might have to take courses through the writing site that I keep talking about, since I know they do teach about comma’s and punctuation. That in itself would be a good start.

An additional 920 words in this post. (Slowly I’m creeping up there. This will make 44,179 for me so far). The coolest thing about adding words to me is seeing the lines get closer to the diagonal line at the top of the stats page.


November 26, New Discovery about Nano

I made a new discovery about nano today, probably something I should have known already, but didn’t really think about it before now. I know that there are nano rebels on the official nano site, but I never took time to find out everything that means.

I understood what different types of things writers were doing as a nano rebel, but since I only decided to do this the day before nano began, I didn’t really have enough time to scope out the situation more than skimming over the basics.

Part of the problem may have to do with what I did previously when doing nano. Two other times I did work on different novels, but never figured out how to upload my work into the nano box or whatever its called. I kept a count of my writing myself and changed the count daily by what I had written.

Previously, I never made it to the 50k, so I didn’t think it was necessary to worry about uploading my count into the site. This year, even though I do hope to make my goal, I have been doing it the same way I’ve done it before in that I’m keeping track of what I’ve written on my own. Other than what I have written in these blogs and the reviews I’ve done that I counted toward my daily totals, most of what I’ve written I purge each day. Therefore, I  am not able to upload my writing for this year into the official site even if I do obtain my goal of writing 50,000 words in the month of November.

I am so close it’s exciting, even without getting the official purple mark on my page (or whatever it is), it will still be exciting for me knowing that I was able to do what I set my mind to do even though I didn’t decide to do it until the last minute.

At the rate I’m going though, the site says I won’t get done until the beginning of December, or in order to make the goal I’d need to write 1860 words per day to finish on time.

As I work every day this week except Thursday and on that evening I’m meeting a small press publisher at a Library in a city near me. I will also be washing windows several mornings, so I will not have much time for writing between now and Friday the last day of the month.


This post 413 words, writing done on a chat 1179 words = 1592

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