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Saturday, November 23, 2013 The Actual Links From Today

I did well today, hopefully I made up some for Thursdays lack. I don’t have time for chit-chat, so here goes.   407 words  583 words  477 words  287 words  441 words  264 words  499 words


Total words for the day is 2409


Monday, November 18, 2013

I had the day off from one job today although we did go out and work on cleaning windows for just under two hours. While working it did some small snow balls for a while, from the sky. In other words it snowed or sleeted or a combination of the two. It was like minature sleet balls.

I spent almost all the rest of the day bubbling other than for the time it took to get the dishes soaking and partially loading the dishwasher. I also am doing a load of the towels we use for windows and I cleaned off a counter in the kitchen that was long overdue.

I think I got five or maybe it was six posts in for the day, actually it was only four. I guess I was looking at the ones that I did yesterday too.  502 words  688 words  885 words 246 words

Plus the post here was 151 words, this totals 2472 words for the day.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

I almost thought I was going to have to turn my computer off tonight because of the heavy winds and tundershowers we had earlier this evening. I’m glad it blew over and it’s been windy ever since, but no more thundershowers or lightening.

I did much better tonight with posting. The last three days I only did one post per day, but today, I was able to get six of them done. I’d like to do one more, but then I wouldn’t have time to get them linked in here and the other place that I make the link available.  521 words  302 words  824 words  508 words   495 words  488 words

3138 words on each of these links plus 112 on this post here, totalling 3250

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Didn’t get a lot written today at all, only two posts. I worked a small job this morning, ate lunch and then got ready for the afternoon job.  It was busy this afternoon/evening because of all the men going deer hunting this weekend. We were short staffed, so the majority of us were held over our scheduled shifts.

Then I had to buy a couple of things from work, so I didn’t get back home until 11pm. If I was inspired, I could still write something, but I wasn’t, so I didn’t. Here are my two posts from earlier today.  510 words

Surprise, surprise, it looks like I only had time for one post this morning, so that is it folks.

510 from my bubblews post and 124 from here = 634.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Today was a profitable day for me with writing. I’ve actually been doing quite well this year as a nano rebel. Up to yesterday I had almost 47% written already if I remember correctly.

Today I was able to write 7 posts which is pretty good since I slept in later than normal. Tomorrow I have to get up early to go  to the eye doctor and get my eyes dilated, but in the mean time here are my 7 posts.  255 words  835 words  647 words  309 words  458 words  493 words  366 words

Total words today from these links 3363 words and the blurb written above them equals 3453. I’d say I’m coming along nicely, wouldn’t you?

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