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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I got my remaining words in for nano during the first post of the day today. That means I’ve already written 50,000 words. As many already know, I’m not writing a novel, but I ‘m using all the words I’ve written on Bubblews toward my word count, that means that I’m one of many nano rebels. I’m still going to continue to count the words I write the rest of the week and see how much higher I get that the goal.

Last night I tried for the upteenth time to log into the official nano site and I don’t remember my password. I tried to have it sent to my email address, but it never came through. I don’t know if the glitch is on the nano end or on my email server end. If needed I suppose I can start up a new account one more time.

My two posts for today so far are:  943 words  482 words

Total today is 1585 words


Saturday, November 23, 2013 The Actual Links From Today

I did well today, hopefully I made up some for Thursdays lack. I don’t have time for chit-chat, so here goes.   407 words  583 words  477 words  287 words  441 words  264 words  499 words


Total words for the day is 2409

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I only got one post in today, I don’t remember why that was. I know that we only worked the window jobs, as I thought it was Thanksgiving this week when I asked for it off eight months ago. For some reason though, I didn’t get anything written until it was almost time for bed, and then I forgot all about posting it here and on my other site.

So, this post is from Thursday even though I’m posting it on Saturday night. 919 words


One thing too is that I realized earlier in the week that I neglected to write my totals from here into another place that figures out the percentage written for us. So now I’ll have to go back through and add up all my totals again so I get it right. Before the last day, I’d also like to get all my words into the nano site, but we’ll see if I remember to do that or not.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Today was a busy day as we went about half an hour away to do one job for windows and we did another one that was a bit closer, and a smaller one too. When I have to drive so much, it whips me out, but I stayed up anyway to get some writing in before bedtime.

I’m starting something new with my posts. Bubblews has increased the categories we can use for our writing and I’m putting my archives altogether into several posts, one post for each category and then linking each article that fits that category to it. Some may over lap and it will take a while to compile it, but as I write new articles I can put them in right away which will save time.  116 words  386 words  382 words

1020 words total for the day

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Well today was a different sort of day entirely. I switched shifts with someone from work and ended up working a seven hour shift, but didn’t get much done at home because of it.

I was going to post at least four items tonight, but the bubblews web site is undergoing updates and it’s running slow, so I only got two in.  819 words  730 words

Total for today 1618 words

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I almost thought I was going to have to turn my computer off tonight because of the heavy winds and tundershowers we had earlier this evening. I’m glad it blew over and it’s been windy ever since, but no more thundershowers or lightening.

I did much better tonight with posting. The last three days I only did one post per day, but today, I was able to get six of them done. I’d like to do one more, but then I wouldn’t have time to get them linked in here and the other place that I make the link available.  521 words  302 words  824 words  508 words   495 words  488 words

3138 words on each of these links plus 112 on this post here, totalling 3250

Monday, November 4, 2013

Normally I work 7 days a week with two part time jobs. Four of those days when I work one job or the other only, I try to write 6-10 posts, although I haven’t been reaching those goals lately for one reason or the other. The other three days I try to write three to six posts daily although this month, in November, I’ve upped my minimum to four when at all possible.

Today would be one of the days for 6-10 posts, but I have a lot going on, so we’ll see how it goes. This first post tells about what I’m doing today.  651 words  825 words  746 words  565 words  209 words  258 words

Total words   3372

Would You Like To Make Money Blogging or Writing in General?

If you are looking for a great place to make money  with your writing, is a place you should check out.

I was a writer several years ago on and made about $125.00 in one year and a half. On bubblews, I have made over two hundred dollars in just three short months. I could have done better than that, but there were some days when i didn’t do much as I was reading a few good books, plus I work two jobs and I don’t have the time to devote to the site like others there do.

You can write up to ten posts per day about your world and you get paid a penny for every unique like, comment and view of your post. That means if I comment two times on one post, you will get paid once for the comment and once for the view, but if I comment on two posts of yours then you will get a penny for each post that I view and each comment that  I make.

If you join up, you want to read and study the rules found on the bank page at the top of every page and the TOU (Terms of Use), if you follow those things, you will get paid.

If you are doing nano, and you choose to put portions of your writing on there, you will get paid for doing so, but you can’t post the same material elsewhere at the same time.


November 2, 2013 update

Sometime in the past when learning how wordpress works, either the site  or someone that I was following at the time suggested that instead of editing blog posts that we write a brand new one each time or leave it in the draft mode until it is completely complete.

Do you all feel the same way? I would rather edit my post and add new links each time I post something new on Bubblews rather than begin a new post each time. That way I can see at a glance how many articles I wrote each day and how many words were written on each and total for each day.

Whether you get notification of the same one being edited, or a new one being posted I don’t see where it makes much difference either way.

136 words.


Doing Nano Again in 2013 as a Rebel

A friend of mine on asked me to join her once again as a nano rebel. I wasn’t planning on doing it this year, but I agreed that I would.

This time though I will be putting links here for posts that I”m writing on Bubblews .com a place that pays nicely for sharing whatever we want to share that would be G rated.

So if anyone would like to read what I’m writing you’ll have to follow the link to the actual post. If you’d like to make any comments on any of the posts for specific days you can do so here. You can only comment on the post if you are a member. I’ll give you more information on what it takes to become a member there in another post.


For today, Friday, November 1 these are the posts that I’ve written thus far, if I write any more today, I’ll add them later.    667 words   651 words   507 words  407 words


Total words so far, 2231 for the day.

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