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November 27, What Comes Next After Nano?

For most people what comes next after nano is revision, revision, revision. That may include many things. For my friend in Washington state it might mean determining where one book ends and the next begins for she has been working on three in her series; all of them started during nano.

She also has to see where all the chapters will fit. I think she did better this year, although in the past she has lost oodles of information when she was in the middle of revision when her computer was acting up.

For me, I haven’t worked on revising either of the novels I worked on during nano, although I hope to do so sometime in the future. This year, I have nothing to revise since I took a conglomeration of words for my total count. Granted they were all words put together into sentences for a purpose at the time, usually as I  was chatting to one group or another, along with my posts in my many blogs and other things I wrote.

Some of the people that are members of the writing web site are joining a blogging challenge to keep up their desire to write something daily. I did consider joining that myself, but recently decided that wouldn’t be the best for my life right now.

Before I continue with some of what I want to share in this post, I will say that I only intended for this blog to be written during the current nano and maybe save further posts for the nano’s in the years to come. Even if I choose to work on another novel, I could post a little bit here just to keep everyone informed.

So, when this years nano is over I don’t plan on posting anything new here until next years nano begins. If you wonder what I’m up to please feel free to check out any of my other blogs which are all listed on November 15th’s post. That is titled my other word press blogs. I had two posts dated that day, this was the first of the two.

After nano, and then later on this winter when I have more of my bookkeeping caught up, I hope to visit more of your blogs and strike up a conversation.

I decided rather than me worrying about posting every day elsewhere for December, that I need to get going on the bookkeeping for my business as I am behind. I think everything is done until around June or July-my daughter helped me get that far, but nothing much has been done since then.

I still want to write post on most of my blogs, but I won’t have to think about writing 1666 words per day and that should be refreshing. My goal will be to post in each of my blogs at least once ever other week for starters and then once I get caught up at home, maybe I will be able to have time and find things to talk about even more often than that.

I know some of the things I want to discuss will take some researching, whereas other posts will be off the cuff. The ones that I need to research will of course take away precious time and mean I won’t be writing that  much then, but when the research is done hopefully I’ll be able to put together a decent post that I may be able to use in a different way later. Or I may decided to save it as an article and put just a small section here to whet your appetite for more.

This post has 606 words and any writing I do after work will not be added to this count as I’m putting it on the official site now.


November 24, Saturday-Only Six Days Left

It’s hard to believe, it’s only six more days until nano is completed. I have a ways to go, but I could still make it.

I was looking at the blog and it looked like I forgot to post yesterday when I was certain that I had. I had to open up my dashboard and take a look at it when I discovered I put the wrong date in yesterdays post. I don’t know how I managed that as I have the date and time displayed right on my desktop in plain sight.

So I did write yesterday, twice in fact.

I’ve written a few reviews today. One of them I posted on my reviewing site on WordPress.  I may put others there eventually. I’m checking with the authors first to see if they mind having my review linked to their items, as they may not want to broadcast any mistakes they have made.

Actually, I’ll let you read an item I made today asking for permission from authors to display their work with my reviews. It can be found here:

If you read it you can tell me what you think. Granted you may not be a member of that particular web site, but wherever your work is located, would you be interested in a review and then a link back to your item? That would be my main question.

This little bit of writing is 232 words, whereas everything else I’ve written today including the three reviews, and some posting elsewhere which is an additional 3126, that = 3358


Thursday November 23, Catching Up, I Hope

I have several things I hope to write about today, I may write about them individually and post them separately to help with tagging and those that crawl, otherwise it could get a bit confusing.

I was hoping to get a lot of writing done today and tomorrow. Now, though it’s already 4:25 pm EST and other than some writing I did in a different format, this is the first I’ve written today. I had planned to get more done by now.

One of the reasons I’m just beginning to write for the day is because I did take a nap earlier to rest my knees which are still healing from the fall that happened last weekend. Each day they (my knees) are getting better, yet each day they seem a little worse for wear also. Part of that is due to having to work a job where I stand for the whole shift; having my weight on my knees without being able to take a small break periodically makes them throb and hurt a bit more.

I figured that if I took a nap and had my knees on two pillows-which is how I’ve been sleeping-that would give them the support they need and help them heal faster. It didn’t seem to help today as they throbbed even when I was sleeping. Granted, it probably did help them in the long run-we don’t always know what benefits we are giving our body when we do the things we know is right.

After the nap I decided to eat a late lunch so I could take 1/2 a dose of medicine that I was given at the Med center. When I took the one dose the day of the fall, it made me nauseated and dizzy. My regular physician suggested I try to take half a dose as I mentioned above. I ate some soup and some cake left over from my kids birthday, took the dose of medicine and am feeling fine.

Maybe I’ll be able to continue to take it until the throbbing relinquishes it’s hold and I can walk and stand without wishing I had something to hold. My sister suggested that I walk with a cane until it heals and that is probably a great idea. I did use an extra one my husband had when I didn’t need the walker anymore in the house.

I even took the cane with me to work one day figuring that I would use it to get from my car to the front door of work, but there was a shopping cart handy and I decided to use that instead. That worked well for earlier in the week as the times I went to work were later in the afternoon and shoppers left their carts near my car.

Yesterday, (Thanksgiving), and this morning, when I went in at 5:45 both days, the shopping cart corrals were empty. That meant that I had to walk without anything to hold. Normally that isn’t a big deal. We all do that whether working or shopping, but when you injure something, especially an area that is helping to hold up your body weight, it is helpful to have something to lean on.

When walking from my register to where the break-room is, I chose to use a cart to lean on to take my weight off my knees. It takes a little longer to move that way, but not as long as it would have taken me had I not utilized the cart.

When my knees heal up sufficiently, my doctor suggested that I do exercises using my quad muscles. Through the years, I did different things that caused my quads to get weak which in turn caused my knee bones to not stay in the tracks the way they are designed.

The following link shows the benefits to maintaining strong quads.

I thought the problem stemmed from me taking a fall at work on the hard floor over eight years ago. They (work) should have sent me to the med center at that time for ex-rays, just to make sure there wouldn’t be any ongoing problems from the fall. I did break or chip my two front teeth, which they did pay for.

Since then I have had problems with my knees on a somewhat irregular basis. It’s hard to know where these problems stem from as I do have arthritis in my genetic line and have had both my knees and my ankles crack when walking since I was in my early forties. After I fell, years ago, I didn’t notice any problems with my knees at that time.

Another thing I do is that when I stand, I tend to put most of my weight on my right leg. I think the reason I do that is that I almost always have a callous or more on my left foot. Standing that way means the weight isn’t making them hurt more than they do already.

When the doctor at the med center, (when I went after falling last weekend) saw the ex-rays, I shared with him some of the problems I had long-term with my knees. One of the problems that I have that I haven’t mentioned yet is that I am unable to straighten my left leg all the way. In other words the muscles will not extend completely.

I thought for the longest time that I had a meniscus tear. A customer of ours told me that I should get it taken care of because she had hers repaired, and it was the best decision she made. I did make an appointment with the specialist and after looking at the ex-rays he told me that I didn’t have a meniscus tear, that he didn’t know what my problem was, but it wasn’t from arthritis either.

He sent me to physical therapy for six weeks or so as I wanted exercises to do to prevent or postpone a possible/probably knee replacement. I did the exercises faithfully for quite a while before quitting.

I’m not an early riser and when it became time for me to run the business again for the year, it was hard enough to get going every morning without adding exercises on top of it. So, unfortunately, I stopped doing them. Probably not the best decision in my life.

One thing that has happened in the past to my knees, but thankfully hasn’t happened in a while is that it feels like my knee splits right in the middle. It only lasts for maybe fifteen, twenty seconds, but even though the time it lasts is minimal, it’s excruciating. Once it goes back into place, the pain is gone immediately.

When this has happened is usually when I’ve walked for a distance in a store without having any type of support. When it happens it feels like my knee will not support me any more and that I’m going to fall flat on my face, but since doesn’t last very long, I am able to catch myself from falling as soon as the bones move back where they belong.

I’ve had two doctors explain to me what is taking place, and both explanations are very similar. Basically our knee cap rides on bones on either side of the knee. As we get older, that track can widen which means the knee falls off one side or the other. That is what causes the excruciating pain. Thankfully, it is not ongoing-I do not understand why that is, but it does move back into place.

That is when my doctor suggested that I work the quad muscles. I had told him that I had a membership at Planet Fitness and asked how long I had to wait till I returned. I haven’t been going as much even before this happened as I was in the summer months. Mainly that is because I haven’t looked forward to going through the process of changing into shorts and then not knowing if I’ll be warm enough in shorts, or if the heat will be on somewhat, and then I could be too warm.

I’m hoping that getting my quads stronger will help motivate me into getting back into being more regular with my visits there.

I think I’m about at the end of what I want to say here. I know I didn’t stick to only one topic as I had planned, but at least I didn’t ramble on and on. I do plan on starting the post about people being considerate that I believe I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

I will write that on my muchadoaboutmanythings blog, and will post the direct link here in a new post when I have that finished.

Thank you for putting up with me being long-winded.

This post 1468, writing for the day elsewhere 957 =2425 so far for today’s efforts. (Not counting this line).


My other Word Press Blogs

I thought I’d list my other WordPress blogs in case any one wants to check them out. I’m working on a post or two, so it will be a bit of time before they to completion.

I will say that I already have 1072 for today’s writing, written in one email and a messaging place on the writing site I’m a part of. I’m hoping to get 1500-2000 more words so I can catch up a bit more. At this point, the official site says I won’t have my 50 k until December 11 of this year. I’m hoping to get close to the goal before November is over.

I have six blogs on WordPress including this one. I also have one on blogger. I did start one on TypePad, but moved all those posts over to WordPress.   – my first blog here, although it began with the next blog. I later split them up. This I had to have for an English Comp course. I may use it again if I take any more classes, until then it will be dormant. I may put instructional items here like I did for the hanging indents. – book reviews.

I’m going to include the link to my blogger account with Google  but I haven’t posted anything there since early 2011. As I’ve said before, I was going to move all those posts over to WordPress as I had more views in a couple of months in WordPress than I did over a few years with blogger.

The day I was going to begin to move things over, I realized that my blog qualified for some type of advertisements to help make me money. I have to check that out further to see if it’s something I want to do or not.

So far today I have 315 words here and the 1072 explained above, totalling=1387. More to come later. Thanks for reading.

November 13, Don’t Give Up Just Yet, Breakthrough is Around that Corner

I posted my last post just as the clock struck twelve, so alas, it didn’t go for yesterday’s post but for today’s instead. But that’s okay, I’m going to post when I think of something to write so that I can hopefully catch up.

I’ve already begun several drafts of posts in the few days time when I didn’t post anything, or not much of anything at all. Possibly had I posted the little that I had written, I would have gotten a second wind and written even more than I expected.

Even now, I certainly didn’t expect to begin a new post right after publishing the last one, but I updated my word counts in the official nano site and thought I’d take a look at my email there. I was surprised because I received an email from the nano originator himself, Chris Baty.

To quote one of his paragraphs, he said: “You can help build that path faster by hitting your writing goals for the next three days. This may sound like a small thing, but little, consistent writing achievements open the door to huge writing breakthroughs”.

Not only did that inspire me so that I can expect to finish nano, but it also inspired me to realize that I can be more consistent in posting in my various blogs more often. Maybe all I will need to do is endeavor to hit my writing goals for three days of each and every week, that should allow me to have the necessary time to come up with something for each blog at least weekly. That would be very sweet.


I thought I’d mention that I’d like to thank all my new followers for this blog along with the likers and those that do make a comment or two on any of my blogs.

I ran into a problem this morning when checking out a blog of someone that is now following this one. The blog has awesome photography on it and the viewer can also purchase prints if they’d like. The problem I had was being able to make any comments or liking any post that I checked out.

I have found that I’m not able to do any of that using my Chrome browser, so I generally have the firefox one open for that reason. I used the firefox browser to again try to like a post or two and make a comment and suggestion, but it seemed that the problem may have been word press related this time. Whatever it was, I wasn’t able to do any communication with the site owner on their site. I even tried to follow their blog using my email address and that didn’t work either.

I tried to use pinterest to link their blog to my account for others to oooh and aaah over the photography, and pinterest even put a stop to the link. This particular person has thousands of followers, so it doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe I’ll try internet explorer later on, but soon I’ll be getting ready for work.


It’ll be busy as the days progress toward Thanksgiving. We are always short-handed. A few cashiers are being trained right now, hopefully they will be able to start before Thanksgiving to help lighten the load. My daughter even applied recently. I don’t know whether she’ll be a cashier or help in the clothing department. Whichever it is, it will be a benefit to me as I’ll be able to take her off my insurance as she’ll be able to get her own. I’m looking forward to that.


When I began this nano blog, I thought after nano was completed that I would save this blog for each succeeding nano, from year to year and not use it in between. But, now that I’m starting to have a bit of a following, I may not do actual posts here in the interim, but I can use the space to link posts I make on my other blogs in case anyone would like to read any of them.

I’m going to finish this post and maybe do another post later tonight to try to finish my word count for the day as I’m just under half way there. On the official nano site, they would consider this extra for what I put there in the wee hours of the morning because I wasn’t able to change my count for yesterday until the clock had already struck twelve.

Had I realized I was that close in time, I would have moved a little faster to try to get it posted before today began, but I wasn’t paying that much attention.


I would really like to take time out from writing, and there isn’t really any time to take since I’m behind already, but I would like to get better at getting things done around the house.

Later fellow bloggers.

836 words

Nano is in the Wrong Month, As Far As I’m Concerned

As far as I’m concerned, nano takes place in the wrong month. At this point in my life, since I’m still running our window cleaning business and working elsewhere too, November never seems to be the best month for doing Nano. Now if it was in January or February, that would be much better for we have few window jobs those months and I’m not having to work extra hours to get ready for the holiday season, therefore, I would probably get more writing done at the first of the year.

Another thing that I try to get caught up with after the holidays are over with is my bookkeeping for the business as I get behind as the months progress. I do deposits and payroll on a weekly basis if not oftener (for deposits), but putting the invoices into the computer is what I’m really behind on.

This year for several months my daughter wanted to help me with the bookkeeping as a way to pay me back for covering her car insurance for several years. She at least was able to help me stay abreast of things for the first half of a year, but then she got promoted to a different job in the same building. Now she doesn’t have as much time to help out as she did before.

So, here it is again, November and I’m behind not only in my word count but in inputting business paper work also. I don’t know if I’ll ever keep up with it, maybe once (if ever) I am able to retire from my cashiering job-hopefully within the next couple of years.

Each year I think I’m going to have extra time after the holidays to get some research in for articles or posts on my many blogs. I’d really like to check out some of the many places that certain authors have written online material and find out what kind of payment each of them have to the person trying to break into a freelancing career.

For instance, I happened upon a company called Elance several years ago before I began to write articles or blog posts. Later I read that it wasn’t’ the easiest company to make money with as they are able to find folks from other countries that are willing to do the work for a much lower price than those of us in the United States are hoping to make.

When I heard/read that, I discontinued checking out their site for possible writing assignments. Then later still, I read that certain authors were able to make a decent wage from writing using their site and they shared that a person just needs to persist to gain their reputation, which then increases not only their chance to get picked, but also what they are able to charge for the service they provide.

There are several other places now that are run in a similar fashion to Elance, and there are others that are run in a totally manner, yet may work out well for certain types of people looking for specific types of work.

Some of those places no longer offer new authors the change to work with them, such as places like I used to write articles for them, but a couple of years ago they changed how they do business and now they only allow those with journalism degrees unless the person had already written a large amount of articles previous to the changes being made. For any that had done so, they were able to stay as writers. I was not so lucky, as I only had about fifteen article written over about three years that I was a part of the site.

That was one site where I was able to make money with my writing, but it was related to how many of my viewers clicked on ads on my pages. I probably made approximately one hundred and twenty-five dollars or so and the article that brought in the most income was the one  I did about propagating mums. If interested you can find that on It would be one of the first posts I made after starting the blog.

Maybe this new year, I can make the time to do some of the research to complete that idea I’ve had for a while.

So, even though as far as I’m concerned, nano is in the wrong month, that doesn’t mean that I can’t work on projects any other time during the year-whether it’s doing research for an article or working on one of many novel ideas I’ve started years ago. Maybe this next year will be my year to make something like this happen, where I will get a bit further along in this area of my writing than I ever have before.

This post 807, an earlier post on a different blog 940 and some comments made elsewhere 263 bringing today’s totals to 2010.


Running Behind, and Owe No Man Anything

Well, it seems that I’m running behind on getting my daily quota of writing in for Nano, but I’m not giving up yet. In fact, I hope to not give up at all, no matter how long it takes me to plod my way through to the finish line. Right now I’m just slightly less than 5k words behind schedule.

I’m not too worried about it, as I’m not writing an actual novel, so I  can’t officially ‘win’ nano to get anything published, but I will get further than I ever have before, and for that I will be grateful and happy.

I’ve been thinking that since I’ve been doing fairly well with this, up to the last few days, that I should have no problem posting on at least one of my blogs on a daily basis, since  I don’t have to do the 1666 words per day  minimum. I should even be able to post on several of my blogs daily and still be under the goal I’ve been striving to reach on a daily basis here.

Thursday, I cleaned windows in the daytime, and then turned around and went to my ‘normal’ job standing at a cash register for five and a half hours. Then when I returned home I had to do payroll for my employees and get some court papers mailed out. That took a bit of time to read to make sure I was understanding everything correctly. The papers were in reference in garnishing a portion of pay on a weekly basis to pay for a debt.

It is not a task I look forward to doing. Generally, it is related to child support payments that several of our male employees were liable for in the past. One previous employee had several older loans he had never paid and we had to garnish his checks for that.

Garnishing is not an enjoyable experience, it’s one I’d rather refrain from if I had the choice, but, I’m not given the choice, therefore garnish I must.

If anyone owes money, it’s better to pay a bit at a time than ignore it or not talk to anyone about it. Generally, if nothing is ever done about it, it will be sent to collections and then it will be too late. Most companies don’t want to work with the individual if they wait until collections are involved before trying to talk to the main company about it as by then they’ve basically washed their hands of trying to get the money themselves.

In the Bible, it says that we are not to owe any man anything.

Romans 13:8:

Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

God‘s heart is that we don’t own any person anything. The context for this verse is in the verses above.

Romans 13:5-7:

Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.

For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God’s ministers, attending continually upon this very thing.

Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.

Owe no man any thing,…

I will have to be honest and say that we are not good at this aspect of stewarding what God has given us. Even with working two jobs, we don’t always have what we need to get our vehicles repaired and that type of thing.

While we are paying down specific bills, other ones have increased during the year which will take longer to pay them down. At least we are working on it, though, and not ignoring what we owe.  Hopefully in another year we’ll have two cards completely paid off, and can then take what we pay on those and pay extra on other ones.

This post 654 words, Messages elsewhere, 263 words. 917 -better than nothing, since I’m running behind.

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