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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I was hoping to get ten posts in today. I thought I got only my minimum goal of four completed, but then realized it was five. My husband and I are redoing our kitchen some and one thing we’ve decided to do is paint the wood cabinets white. Before we can paint them, they desperately need to be cleaned, so I picked up some Super Clean from Wally World, a place I rarely go. The product works wonders with the wood walls near the old stove, getting of the dirt and grime and a bit of grease as well.

Once I have the cabinets cleaned, or even before they are finished, I need to prime two new cabinets that will be put over the stove and over the refrigerator. Those two cabinets are bare wood, so they need primer and paint which I’d like to get done before they are put up so I don’t  have to get on a ladder even though I guess I will have to use a ladder for some of the other upper cabinets.

Here are my posts for the day today:   749 words  388 words   369 words  419 words  517 words

Today’s total is: 2442 plus the words here are 199 = 2641

November 22, Touching Base

I hope all of you that celebrate Thanksgiving had or are still having a nice time with family, extended family or friends. Many celebrations take all day to prepare and plan, getting up early to dress the turkey; to those not familiar with the term, that means preparing it for stuffing.

Some families share the responsibilities of putting together the food, while others choose to do it all themselves. When my mother used to host our family groups she would do the meat and potatoes and gravy while everyone else would bring the vegetables, salads, desserts and whatever else what decided upon.

Quite a few years ago when my mother’s eyesight  began failing, (she has macular degeneration in both eyes), the responsibility passed onto my brother and his wife. They chose to do it because of all of us they have a larger house, and they were beginning to have grandchildren that would be familiar with Nana and Papa’s house.

Usually we share cooking responsibilities, but sometimes my sister-in-law chooses to do it all herself.

I just returned home from our family gathering. I need to get to bed shortly as I need to be to work again tomorrow at 5:45am. I’m hoping I will get out fairly early so I can get a lot more writing done.

I thought I’d write and touch base so you all would know that I’m not lost off the face of the earth. Tomorrow I hope to write something about people that you may have in your life that may be inconsiderate-they seem to be more prevalent than I ever knew.

121 words elsewhere, 268 words here = 389 (not much, I know, but every little bit helps.


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