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A Review of a Poem

I reviewed a poem a few days ago. I already used the word count for that review in that days count, but I thought I’d post the item and the review itself. This is from the writing web site that I refer to and that I’ve been a part of since 2007.

The item I reviewed is:

This is my review:

I thought at first that your rhyme scheme wasn’t uniform but when I looked a second time I saw that it was. I like how you rhyme the first, middle and last lines and then the ending phrases in the middle and end of the second and third lines. Excellent job with that, and it all makes sense also.

I would¬†agree¬†with another person’s review and comments of your last line of the second stanza. I also had a problem with the last word on the first line of the second stanza. ‘Bass’, I know it can rhyme with grace as one of its pronunciations is ‘bays’, but the other one rhymes with ‘mass’; that seems to me the more common way to pronounce it and I wonder whether anyone else will be thrown off your intention of sound like I was.

I read recently that children enjoy rhyming stories, and I think this could make a nice fantasy story for a little older group of children, maybe those nearing kindergarten, or just beginning to read. Not that they would be able to read this, I think it would be too difficult for that age group, but they should enjoy having it read to them.

There are children’s groups here on WDC, you could approach some of the leaders of those groups and see what they think. They may know of some good publishers to approach. I know of one and maybe two, if you need some leads and want to pursue this idea.

It’s very busy these days where I work as a cashier for a major grocery store/super-center. Probably you all know how busy it is as you’ve possibly all been grocery shopping yourself in the last few days. We’ve been working about seven and sometimes eight-hour days. I’m only part-time and usually only work five-hour days.

We do have full-time workers, but that’s not something I wanted to do. It was available to me at least three times in the past, but I have other things I want to accomplish and I really didn’t want a full-time job along with washing windows on the side.

This bit is 106 words and today’s word count elsewhere is 1336, (I’m not including the 315 of this post of the review and link), so 1336 and 106 = 1442 for the past two days, not great but better than nothing..

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