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Saturday, November 16, 2013

I ran out of steam again today. That was due to me working almost seven hours as it was a busy day. Maybe next week will be better for posting and inspiration.  486 words

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Well for today I wanted to get more posts written, partly because I only got two done yesterday and partly because I want to redeem tonight and to do so, I needed to get more writing done.

I was hoping to get ten done, but I did fairly well as I did write nine today. I could get one more in, but then I wouldn’t have time to put all the links onto this post which I want to do before midnight so it shows up accurately.

So thanks to all of you my readers.

384 words 401 words 667 words  655 words  320 words  820 words  364 words  311 words  374 words

Totalling for the day 4296

Total for the month 21,279

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The web site, Bubblews was down for a bit today, but even then I did pretty good as i was able to write six posts today. I’d like to do one more for the road so to say, but first I have to make sure I have time to get all my links in here and then we’ll see what kind of time I still have.  375 words  247 words  395 words  238 words  268 words

Total for today, 1311 words.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013     314 words     692 words   1405 words     443 words


Total words for the day.2854

November 2, 2013

My first post for today, Saturday follows:  386 words  583 words  414 words  395 words  237 words

So far total words for today is 2015,

Trying to do Nano While Working Two Jobs!

I’m glad I’m a nano-rebel this year as I wasn’t very successful in the past. Doing nano and working two jobs isn’t the easiest feat in the world. Possibly working only one job and doing nano isn’t easy either until a person has one successful nano under their belt.

I was hoping to share another teaching from the Bible, but haven’t had the time, or made the necessary time to do the necessary research to make that happen.

Today I began another Biblical teaching but will have to finish it another day. I worked most of the day with my crew and we didn’t return home until 5:45 when the sun was already setting, seeing it is now November in the mid-west and after daylight savings time. We fell back last weekend so now it’s lighter faster in the morning, but darker earlier in the evening.

One more month of that and then it begins to head the other way, the only good thing about December.

I was able to get five reviews done on my writing site. I try to review at least six items weekly which  helps me get points to maintain my membership along with the membership of one or two others if I can. So, it’s a benefit for me to get those six reviews in weekly.  (I got the sixth one in yesterday).

With those reviews I wrote 848 words.

In a different blog than this, the first one I had on WordPress, I wrote a small tidbit this morning before heading to work and was able to get 434 words on that.

I would like to do at least as well as I did yesterday as I was able to get over the daily goal of 1667 words per day. I was a bit behind already, so even with the extra words, I’m still behind. I’m not doing too bad though, and even though I really wanted to take this evening off and do other things, I feel I did fairly well overall. If I keep talking about nothing at all, I might find myself getting closer to the mark for the day.

One thing I was wondering about today was how does everyone that takes part in nano get anything done around their house? I think the majority of people are always writing or at least as much as is possible. Some I know have small children at home that they must tend to, while others still have to work.

Last month, it rained a lot in our area. Now that would have been a great month to do nano, as I didn’t have to go out and clean windows during the rainfall. This month, it’s been fairly dry. While that’s great for business and paying bills, it doesn’t leave as much time for fitting the writing in.

So then decisions need to be made. Do I write, or do I take care of things like bills and getting work done? I think the answer is obvious. It will be nice when I can write more than the rest, but that time isn’t here as yet.

I’m done here for the night since I’ve at least made the minimum goal. Hopefully I can get more words in eventually, but I’m happy as I’ve been writing each and every day, something I’ve not done well before. Yeah!!

586 words, a total of 1868 for the day. This post was started several days ago, and posted on Sunday, November 11. I would have been earlier had I not had to work two jobs while doing nano.


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