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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Today was a busy day as we went about half an hour away to do one job for windows and we did another one that was a bit closer, and a smaller one too. When I have to drive so much, it whips me out, but I stayed up anyway to get some writing in before bedtime.

I’m starting something new with my posts. Bubblews has increased the categories we can use for our writing and I’m putting my archives altogether into several posts, one post for each category and then linking each article that fits that category to it. Some may over lap and it will take a while to compile it, but as I write new articles I can put them in right away which will save time.  116 words  386 words  382 words

1020 words total for the day

November 30b, This is the End of My Experience with Being a Nano Rebel in 2012

This is the end of my experience with being  a nano rebel in 2012, and it was exciting to see all those words coming together, especially since I got no where near this amount of words when I’ve done nano in the past.

Just so you know, I’m starting this last post in November at 7:49pm and I got out of work only five minutes late, an amazing feat for a Friday before the Holidays.

In future years, whether I’m a rebel again or do an actual novel, I will take the time to upload the words as I write them before the day is over so I won’t have to agonize over that part of it at the final end. Had I known that I could still verify my words as a nano rebel, I would have started this sooner.

I have a salad waiting for me to complete this, for it’s hard to write and eat at the same time, which possibly  many of you know for yourselves. My current salad is made with Dole greener select. I’d prefer something a bit healthier, but this is the lettuce my husband prefers, and if we have too many kinds opened at once there is that many more to wilt quickly.

With my salad I have shredded cheese, this happens to be Kraft brand, cut a bit bigger, but I prefer smaller shreds (if there is such a word-well there is, but it doesn’t seem right there) and I have no problem eating some store brands, they don’t all have to be name brands.

I have one piece of deli ham which  I cut up with a knife, I have one hard-boiled egg, cut, I could have cucumbers, but that would make me cold, so I didn’t bother for the night. Another thing that i enjoy to put on my salads is a product by Fresh Gourmet. It’s flavored crispy onions, similar to the onions that go into green bean casserole, but these are located in the produce section in my store and we like both the onion and garlic flavor. It also comes in tortilla flavors, but if I’m going to have taco salad, I’d prefer to have a basic taco chip.

I have planned on doing a food report and taking pictures, which I might still do one day. I had to wait until my husband’s printer was fixed as it kept saying there was a cartridge error. The error may show up because we don’t use brand name ink cartridges, but rather get the ink refilled by a franchise in our area called Cartridge World.

It’s much less expensive and after every tenth purchase we get one free. They even can fix certain printers depending on what is wrong with them. Sometimes they, the printers, just need the heads cleaned, I believe they do that for free. Other things might only cost $20.00, less expensive than purchasing a new printer.

We had this problem with the same type of printer last year, but we didn’t know that Cartridge World could fix them so inexpensively. Since we did like the printer, we purchased a new one. The new one didn’t last long before it too began to act up.

We quit purchasing Dell printers because they eventually wouldn’t accept ink done elsewhere rather than purchasing Dell cartridges. They worked okay for quite a while, then all of a sudden they wouldn’t work anymore. We liked both printers, but they shouldn’t be able to decide where we purchase our ink especially since brand name is normally so much more expensive.

It’s annoying when you put your money into a printer and then it doesn’t last as long as you expect it too. I think this is a problem whether you spend a lot or a little on printers, as it’s a problem with almost anything we buy these days.

In fact, maybe you all know this, but sometime in the past someone had the bright idea to manufacture things without providing the quality we were always used to. They figured it would force us to purchase another item that  much more quickly than we had to before.

I have a kitchen floor that is over sixty years old. It does need to be replaced now because since my husband can’t take off his shoes, there is ground in dirt in the crevices-it’s like an Armstrong floor. I talked with someone I know that their floor looked in decent shape compared to ours and she was planning on replacing her floor and I then found out that it was only nineteen years old. That is a big difference on things lasting not as long as they used to. The same is true for appliances: washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves and the like.

We used to purchase a package of towels that we used to clean windows, they were nice and thick and lasted several seasons. Now we’re lucky if they last six months and that’s even without using bleach on them, for bleach thins them out even faster.

Well everyone, I now have 846 words and I only needed 657, so I’m closing this post now. i may come back once to chat a bit to finalize my nano project for 2012. Again I welcome all of you to my other blogs, and I plan on visiting all of your blogs within the next two weeks or so.

November 30, Hoping to Close Out the Day With Success

It’s finally the last day of nano and I’m still typing away hoping to close out the day with success. I do have to work tonight and I may be held as we are short cashiers and have been for six months or so.

I was told we were hiring so my daughter finally got her second application in to work in my department. I say finally because the system locked her out somehow and after several tries over several days she was able to access the application area online. She along with my other daughter (I think) put in applications in the fall. The managers at my job site did a day of interviews at our location-a job fair if you will- and my daughters had to miss that as it was one of the days of their finals at school. I guess that must have been last winter classes as they didn’t go this fall, hmm. I was thinking it was more recent than that. See how time flies?

Anyhow, our secretary had been in and out of the hospital and in and out of work as she was in a car accident and somehow she misplaced a group of the applications that were sent in. Even they were done online, they were still misplaced. Maybe they will show up in a folder somewhere time, who knows. I mean how does one lose something that was sent online? I guess it could have been deleted, but they don’t know.

I was really hoping that at least one of my kids would get a job there as they’d be able to get their own insurance after a short time which would mean that I could take them off of mine and not have to pay that out anymore. Plus even though my insurance is a decent insurance, several plans are offered to fit the need of the varied employees, it doesn’t cover my kids for dental and vision plans. We have to pay for that out of pocket.

The only benefit to the place we go for dental and vision is that they allow us to do the windows of their homes and count it toward any funds we weren’t able to pay for with the insurance or our flex cards. We could probably pay for everything every year with the flex cards, but then we wouldn’t have that money to pay for prescriptions or other work we’d like done especially if it isn’t covered by the insurance in the first place.

Unfortunately, the dentist where the largest bills usually are has the smallest house and only has it done yearly, so it doesn’t make much of a dent in the yearly bill. For vision work our family uses two different doctors, a father an son in the practice together. We clean the father’s home several times per year especially if the bill is large enough to warrant it and if they are around town enough, the son’s house we may do more than once a year, but lately we’ve had a problem getting their when the Missus us home for the day, and have only been able to do part of the job, it still helps with the bill.

Last night I was trying to get as much typed as I could and began to feel flushed. I took my temperature and it wasn’t high at all in fact it was a few degrees under the normal. I didn’t feel great either.

I did eat a late meal, not until 9:30 at night. That doesn’t usually bother me, but I’ve been trying to get better and not do that anymore. At first I was just going to have some carrots and dip, but my husband decided to make a hamburger and that looked and sounded good also, so I switched to having that instead. I think that may have been the big mistake, or it may have been because I’m close to the wire on nano and I’d really like to get this done.

I guess if I get the 50k words and can’t get the in the verification in time, I will still know I succeeded and that I should feel good about that. But it would be nice if I can get it verified along with only getting the words written. That would be a nice accomplishment also.

Had I known I was doing nano before it began I may have taken a bit of time to check out the main site more to find out what I would need to do when it was over. I didn’t realize that even nano rebels are allowed to verify their word count at the end.

Because I didn’t know this, I of course have the blogs that I have written during the month, but what I didn’t save was all the words I wrote in the chats and other formats during the month. I suppose I could look back at all the reviewing I did, I know I have a copy of those things. I’m hoping that I can come up with enough writing that I did in November even though I may not have counted it all day by day. I’m going to be honest and not count something I already counted before, otherwise I might as well write word, word word, at infintim (I’ve thought this word before-it appears there is no such thing?), not something I would be proud about.

Ooh, the end is near. I just checked the words I have her so far and ones that I wrote since I posted my count last on the nano site and I only have 1923 words to go. I’ll still have to find words to put on my document to upload, but at least this part may be done before I head off to work.

I was even wondering last night if the way I was feeling may have been related to a bit of stress to get this done on time. Maybe it was even a bit of both.

So, what else might I want to talk about?

We had to start cutting down the hours of our employees, I should even just do all the inside work myself as we’re basically only having money to pay them and not much left over to pay any bills, but with me working six days a week at my job and standing the whole time I’m there, doing the work with windows isn’t something I look forward to doing alone. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather work windows that cashier, but they both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Standing on your feet all day long/ or night as it is for me; well not exactly as I begin mid afternoon and work until I’m allowed to go home. But regardless, it’s on one’s feet. No one at my location has the option of sitting down on the job, other than maybe the secretary, the person that runs the store, maybe certain managers as they are doing their responsibilities but normally they are on the floor working, and other folks like security-if they have to view the cameras or do paperwork- and the system people. The rest are always on their feet either at one station or walking around stocking and the like.

The only ones that have a rug to stand on are the greeters, even then, I don’t consider that an easy job to do. I’ve had to fill in sometimes if they are short help or if it’s a busy day.

Even though at our registers we do have a mat to stand on, they are older mats, some are curled up on the edges mostly from cashiers trying to fit them in the area which isn’t a perfect rectangle. When I work at the ones that have curled, I have to be extra careful not to trip on the curled areas, which I’ve done often enough. It doesn’t help my knees feel any better when that happens.

When we have to watch over the self check out areas and help customers there, for me it’s better on my knees to walk around, but my feet also have issues and it’s hard after a while to be on my feet walking as we’re not supposed to stand in one place and there are no mats to stand on at all.

When you are younger do your best to stay physically fit by being active in one way or the other. It will help not only your organs, your body in general but it should help prevent major problems with your circulation.

My sister, who is eleven months younger than I am was told recently that she is beginning to show signs of varicose veins in her legs, yet even though we are so close in age, she may go twenty or more years before her legs are where mine are right now.

Mine may be more related to some medicine I had in 1995 and then it was an especially hot summer and my legs swelled up leaving behind discoloration on my ankle region. Eventually that area would look compressed when I wore any type of socks, but I don’t believe that was a problem as soon as the discoloration showed up in that area. I think it took place many years later.

It wasn’t until my husband was being cared for by a surgeon that deals with varicose veins and other vein issues, (he was the surgeon that amputated my husband’s leg-discussed a bit in some of the earlier blogs). When we were in the office for an appointment for my husband, with the physicians assistant and I asked why my leg got that way from wearing socks. She told me it was because I had bad circulation. Lovely, I thought. Just what I need, another thing to go wrong with my body.

I don’t remember what year that was, but we checked it out with my insurance and found the in-office surgery would be covered. The next step was to do two ultrasounds on my legs. They do one at a time for you have to stand during them-you lay down on a table that has a section at the bottom that your feet are against so that when they raise it up to a  standing position you are standing on the end section of the bed.

One of the ultrasound technicians was the same person that helped when my husband was first admitted to the hospital several years before. I had seen him since where I work and he’s very nice. He let me watch the ultrasound as he did it and answered questions I had about a few of the different things I could see. It was quite interesting.

Before I had the ultrasound I had planned on waiting until it was closer to when I retired from my job as I figured standing may not help it get any better. but he told me that everyone that had it done loved it and that they didn’t have any further problems with it after the surgery.

I should have checked that out with the surgeon or at least the physicians assistants. It wasn’t until I was  having the first leg done, and I was talking to them about the procedure-I wanted to remember it so I could write an article about it-the Doctor then told me that it doesn’t last forever. It causes the current veins that don’t work properly to die, but other veins will take it’s place and hopefully won’t get bad very quickly, but there are no guarantees.

The main difference with the surgeries they do now and the ones they did twenty years ago is that it does last longer, but if the activities you do are the same you always did before, the problem will probably resurface again.

Had  I continued to wear support hose maybe the effects from the surgery would have lasted longer, but the support hose made my feet hurt, that was an ongoing problem and with my job it wasn’t that easy to go to the public bathroom and take them off or put them on during part of the shift. It was either wear them all day or not at all. Eventually I wore them  less and less.

I have to get ready for work, so I’m going to check my words, put this into the site and hope I get out early enough to at least finish my word count even if I can’t verify the words I wrote. If the latter happens, I’ll just have to work twice as hard next year, if I decided to do nano again right away, and try to get the word completed at the minimum a day before the due date if not before.

This post is 2158  other words for the day are 708, totaling 2866

Ooh, the end is in site, I only have 657 words to go

November 20, Fodder For Posts After Nano

Tonight I attended a meeting at a library about half an hour from my house. The meeting was called: A Writer’s Night. There were five authors on the panel, several have published what would be considered the normal route, although as things keep changing that won’t be so normal in the future. Several of them have begun to utilize self-publishing and that might mean different things to different people including authors and publishers.

Some of the people on the panel considered self-publishing such that the author did all the work or at least found others to do what was needed for them. They would find and pay an editor, they would either illustrate the cover themselves or find and pay someone that would put that together. Most of them would market the book themselves.

One of the authors considered a publishing company that did the work for the author for a sum of money a vanity press, but one of the authors there did not consider her publishing company in that way. I thing the difference would be whether the author made sure the company they picked was one that provided editing services or not. If not then the author should make sure that they do have someone in the business look over and proof their work ahead of time to make sure it is the best before sending it off to a publisher, unless editing is in the package deal.

Even if editing is in the package deal, the author may want to check out other books published by that same company and make sure it’s not riddled with errors. Even though a company says they provided editors, who’s to know for sure how well the editors do their work?

Probably the majority of the time that a book is riddled with errors it is because the author never considered that the publisher wouldn’t have an editor look at the material before it was published. That would be considered vanity press the way that I understand it. Whether it is because the author didn’t want any changes made or because they didn’t make sure someone would be editing it, it would still appear unfinished to the reader, and cause the reader to reconsider purchasing that authors books in the future.

I have a book in my possession that is just such a book. It was written for young adults and is a mystery with the main character being an American Indian. It would be a great book if it had been edited by someone with a background in American English, preferable someone with a major in English, Journalism or Editing, or other similar backgrounds.

As it is, it’s awful and how do you tell an author they made a mistake not getting it edited before publishing it? I don’t even know how old the author is. I suppose I could do a book review of it, but I would want to use a pen name I think.

I had my husband read it to see what he thought. I haven’t read it for several years and all I remembered was that it wasn’t written very well. He reminded me of some of the other problems it had. The plot had holes in it. It was a murder/mystery. The main character was a sleuth, supposedly like Nancy Drew, except this person would talk about clues she would find and then nothing was ever mentioned about it ever again in the book. There were lots of issues like that all the way through the book.

I remember that I was going to give up reading it before I even got part way done, but kept hoping that the author would get it together before too long, but it never improved.

We don’t want our readers to ever think that way about anything we write, therefore we need to consider getting someone other than a friend or relative to read anything we plan on publishing.

For my freelancing blog after nano, I hope to research the different types of publishing, there are many more types of newer publishing than what there used to be. I think some of them people consider to be cross-overs maybe because they don’t understand what everything means or realize that if something is edited first, almost any type of publishing might be fine for the book should be in tip-top shape before it ever hits the bookstores or the e-book distributors.

One of the authors that also does self-publishing for other authors believes that places like, create-space and author house (?) are all ones that will take any book whether the book is the best it can be or not. While that may be true, it doesn’t mean that everyone that uses one of those as a means for publishing didn’t get their books edited first, for I know several authors that have used them after editing them first.

One thing that was mentioned by one of the authors was that many people tell us to write what we know, but she recommends that we write what we enjoy reading in our leisure time.

One self-publisher that you want to do a lot of background checking for first before considering is Xlibris. We found out about them over ten years ago and were planning on publishing with them one day. At the time I think they may have been a good publishing company. We first heard about them in the beginning of 2000 or so. When we found them again, we thought they were still a good company but then found out some things online that weren’t the best.

Anywhere you approach to get your items published you do want to read the fine print to make sure you retain exclusive rights to your items.

There are still small press companies that work similar to larger publishing houses in that they will allow you to submit manuscripts to them, and if they agree they will offer you a contract, fine tune the editing-after you have it edited first- and then it follows their process to publication.

I work for such a small press in that I’m a intern submission editor. I read the first three chapters of a larger novel, or if it’s a children’s book it would be the whole story. I determine whether the ms should be accepted, rejected outright or sent back for revision.

I have accepted a few but most of them need some revision. One of them I got back after it was supposed to be revised and I really wanted to accept the story because I really liked the story line and what it was teaching, but many of the things that I pointed out the first time through were never changed in the revision process.

A different one that I was reading, I don’t remember everything about it, but when it was into the third chapter there was a line written in orange that said ‘edited to here’. For one thing if you put something like that on a page so you know how far you got, you make sure you take it out before sending it to a publisher, and for the other thing the sections before hand weren’t edited like they thought they were.

As you have probably noticed while I’ve worked on this blog and some of my other ones is that I’m not perfect with my punctuation. I am getting better. I’m learning about comma splices and trying to eliminate them in my writing, but I know that I have a long way to go. When writing dialog I used to do it incorrectly, so when I write dialog now I have to think is that the way I used to do it or the right way? Sometimes I can’t remember. I would like to find my copy of Strunks and White that I have buried somewhere, but I also can download a style sheet from the publisher I work with and I hope to study that during the winter months when I’m not so busy.

As I said yesterday, I need to work on active voice rather than passive, using stronger verbs and another thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet is that I need to work on showing rather than telling in my stories.

I know that in certain stories that I’ve written I’ve done fairly well, with others I fall short. I’m hoping that I can find a writing class that teaches that so I can tell the difference. For me, to understand the difference I think it’s if you’re reading something and it reads like you are reading a newspaper, then that is telling, whereas if you are able to be a part of the story it’s showing.

The only thing is, if you are reading a newspaper article and you happen to know the person it’s talking about, you could envision yourself there and to you that would be showing… That makes me think that my understanding of it is all wrong.

Any of you have an easy way to keep it straight?

This post is 1531 while other writing I wrote earlier is-766, totals 2297

November 27, What Comes Next After Nano?

For most people what comes next after nano is revision, revision, revision. That may include many things. For my friend in Washington state it might mean determining where one book ends and the next begins for she has been working on three in her series; all of them started during nano.

She also has to see where all the chapters will fit. I think she did better this year, although in the past she has lost oodles of information when she was in the middle of revision when her computer was acting up.

For me, I haven’t worked on revising either of the novels I worked on during nano, although I hope to do so sometime in the future. This year, I have nothing to revise since I took a conglomeration of words for my total count. Granted they were all words put together into sentences for a purpose at the time, usually as I  was chatting to one group or another, along with my posts in my many blogs and other things I wrote.

Some of the people that are members of the writing web site are joining a blogging challenge to keep up their desire to write something daily. I did consider joining that myself, but recently decided that wouldn’t be the best for my life right now.

Before I continue with some of what I want to share in this post, I will say that I only intended for this blog to be written during the current nano and maybe save further posts for the nano’s in the years to come. Even if I choose to work on another novel, I could post a little bit here just to keep everyone informed.

So, when this years nano is over I don’t plan on posting anything new here until next years nano begins. If you wonder what I’m up to please feel free to check out any of my other blogs which are all listed on November 15th’s post. That is titled my other word press blogs. I had two posts dated that day, this was the first of the two.

After nano, and then later on this winter when I have more of my bookkeeping caught up, I hope to visit more of your blogs and strike up a conversation.

I decided rather than me worrying about posting every day elsewhere for December, that I need to get going on the bookkeeping for my business as I am behind. I think everything is done until around June or July-my daughter helped me get that far, but nothing much has been done since then.

I still want to write post on most of my blogs, but I won’t have to think about writing 1666 words per day and that should be refreshing. My goal will be to post in each of my blogs at least once ever other week for starters and then once I get caught up at home, maybe I will be able to have time and find things to talk about even more often than that.

I know some of the things I want to discuss will take some researching, whereas other posts will be off the cuff. The ones that I need to research will of course take away precious time and mean I won’t be writing that  much then, but when the research is done hopefully I’ll be able to put together a decent post that I may be able to use in a different way later. Or I may decided to save it as an article and put just a small section here to whet your appetite for more.

This post has 606 words and any writing I do after work will not be added to this count as I’m putting it on the official site now.

November 26, New Discovery about Nano

I made a new discovery about nano today, probably something I should have known already, but didn’t really think about it before now. I know that there are nano rebels on the official nano site, but I never took time to find out everything that means.

I understood what different types of things writers were doing as a nano rebel, but since I only decided to do this the day before nano began, I didn’t really have enough time to scope out the situation more than skimming over the basics.

Part of the problem may have to do with what I did previously when doing nano. Two other times I did work on different novels, but never figured out how to upload my work into the nano box or whatever its called. I kept a count of my writing myself and changed the count daily by what I had written.

Previously, I never made it to the 50k, so I didn’t think it was necessary to worry about uploading my count into the site. This year, even though I do hope to make my goal, I have been doing it the same way I’ve done it before in that I’m keeping track of what I’ve written on my own. Other than what I have written in these blogs and the reviews I’ve done that I counted toward my daily totals, most of what I’ve written I purge each day. Therefore, I  am not able to upload my writing for this year into the official site even if I do obtain my goal of writing 50,000 words in the month of November.

I am so close it’s exciting, even without getting the official purple mark on my page (or whatever it is), it will still be exciting for me knowing that I was able to do what I set my mind to do even though I didn’t decide to do it until the last minute.

At the rate I’m going though, the site says I won’t get done until the beginning of December, or in order to make the goal I’d need to write 1860 words per day to finish on time.

As I work every day this week except Thursday and on that evening I’m meeting a small press publisher at a Library in a city near me. I will also be washing windows several mornings, so I will not have much time for writing between now and Friday the last day of the month.


This post 413 words, writing done on a chat 1179 words = 1592

November 25, Check My Freelancing Blog

I just wrote a post on my freelancing blog concerning exclusive rights and PLR which came to about 490 words. I also wrote several things on the writing site that I keep talking about, along with chatting on facebook and one review, all those words came to 2112, those two  and what I have written here (110) totals 2712.

I would have put the direct link to my other blog here, but then it shows up as a comment, which I do not like, so I have to do it this way. I have my other blogs listed here already, so it will be easy for you to find if you look to see where I have that listed.


November 24, Saturday-Only Six Days Left

It’s hard to believe, it’s only six more days until nano is completed. I have a ways to go, but I could still make it.

I was looking at the blog and it looked like I forgot to post yesterday when I was certain that I had. I had to open up my dashboard and take a look at it when I discovered I put the wrong date in yesterdays post. I don’t know how I managed that as I have the date and time displayed right on my desktop in plain sight.

So I did write yesterday, twice in fact.

I’ve written a few reviews today. One of them I posted on my reviewing site on WordPress.  I may put others there eventually. I’m checking with the authors first to see if they mind having my review linked to their items, as they may not want to broadcast any mistakes they have made.

Actually, I’ll let you read an item I made today asking for permission from authors to display their work with my reviews. It can be found here:

If you read it you can tell me what you think. Granted you may not be a member of that particular web site, but wherever your work is located, would you be interested in a review and then a link back to your item? That would be my main question.

This little bit of writing is 232 words, whereas everything else I’ve written today including the three reviews, and some posting elsewhere which is an additional 3126, that = 3358


Thursday November 23, Catching Up, I Hope

I have several things I hope to write about today, I may write about them individually and post them separately to help with tagging and those that crawl, otherwise it could get a bit confusing.

I was hoping to get a lot of writing done today and tomorrow. Now, though it’s already 4:25 pm EST and other than some writing I did in a different format, this is the first I’ve written today. I had planned to get more done by now.

One of the reasons I’m just beginning to write for the day is because I did take a nap earlier to rest my knees which are still healing from the fall that happened last weekend. Each day they (my knees) are getting better, yet each day they seem a little worse for wear also. Part of that is due to having to work a job where I stand for the whole shift; having my weight on my knees without being able to take a small break periodically makes them throb and hurt a bit more.

I figured that if I took a nap and had my knees on two pillows-which is how I’ve been sleeping-that would give them the support they need and help them heal faster. It didn’t seem to help today as they throbbed even when I was sleeping. Granted, it probably did help them in the long run-we don’t always know what benefits we are giving our body when we do the things we know is right.

After the nap I decided to eat a late lunch so I could take 1/2 a dose of medicine that I was given at the Med center. When I took the one dose the day of the fall, it made me nauseated and dizzy. My regular physician suggested I try to take half a dose as I mentioned above. I ate some soup and some cake left over from my kids birthday, took the dose of medicine and am feeling fine.

Maybe I’ll be able to continue to take it until the throbbing relinquishes it’s hold and I can walk and stand without wishing I had something to hold. My sister suggested that I walk with a cane until it heals and that is probably a great idea. I did use an extra one my husband had when I didn’t need the walker anymore in the house.

I even took the cane with me to work one day figuring that I would use it to get from my car to the front door of work, but there was a shopping cart handy and I decided to use that instead. That worked well for earlier in the week as the times I went to work were later in the afternoon and shoppers left their carts near my car.

Yesterday, (Thanksgiving), and this morning, when I went in at 5:45 both days, the shopping cart corrals were empty. That meant that I had to walk without anything to hold. Normally that isn’t a big deal. We all do that whether working or shopping, but when you injure something, especially an area that is helping to hold up your body weight, it is helpful to have something to lean on.

When walking from my register to where the break-room is, I chose to use a cart to lean on to take my weight off my knees. It takes a little longer to move that way, but not as long as it would have taken me had I not utilized the cart.

When my knees heal up sufficiently, my doctor suggested that I do exercises using my quad muscles. Through the years, I did different things that caused my quads to get weak which in turn caused my knee bones to not stay in the tracks the way they are designed.

The following link shows the benefits to maintaining strong quads.

I thought the problem stemmed from me taking a fall at work on the hard floor over eight years ago. They (work) should have sent me to the med center at that time for ex-rays, just to make sure there wouldn’t be any ongoing problems from the fall. I did break or chip my two front teeth, which they did pay for.

Since then I have had problems with my knees on a somewhat irregular basis. It’s hard to know where these problems stem from as I do have arthritis in my genetic line and have had both my knees and my ankles crack when walking since I was in my early forties. After I fell, years ago, I didn’t notice any problems with my knees at that time.

Another thing I do is that when I stand, I tend to put most of my weight on my right leg. I think the reason I do that is that I almost always have a callous or more on my left foot. Standing that way means the weight isn’t making them hurt more than they do already.

When the doctor at the med center, (when I went after falling last weekend) saw the ex-rays, I shared with him some of the problems I had long-term with my knees. One of the problems that I have that I haven’t mentioned yet is that I am unable to straighten my left leg all the way. In other words the muscles will not extend completely.

I thought for the longest time that I had a meniscus tear. A customer of ours told me that I should get it taken care of because she had hers repaired, and it was the best decision she made. I did make an appointment with the specialist and after looking at the ex-rays he told me that I didn’t have a meniscus tear, that he didn’t know what my problem was, but it wasn’t from arthritis either.

He sent me to physical therapy for six weeks or so as I wanted exercises to do to prevent or postpone a possible/probably knee replacement. I did the exercises faithfully for quite a while before quitting.

I’m not an early riser and when it became time for me to run the business again for the year, it was hard enough to get going every morning without adding exercises on top of it. So, unfortunately, I stopped doing them. Probably not the best decision in my life.

One thing that has happened in the past to my knees, but thankfully hasn’t happened in a while is that it feels like my knee splits right in the middle. It only lasts for maybe fifteen, twenty seconds, but even though the time it lasts is minimal, it’s excruciating. Once it goes back into place, the pain is gone immediately.

When this has happened is usually when I’ve walked for a distance in a store without having any type of support. When it happens it feels like my knee will not support me any more and that I’m going to fall flat on my face, but since doesn’t last very long, I am able to catch myself from falling as soon as the bones move back where they belong.

I’ve had two doctors explain to me what is taking place, and both explanations are very similar. Basically our knee cap rides on bones on either side of the knee. As we get older, that track can widen which means the knee falls off one side or the other. That is what causes the excruciating pain. Thankfully, it is not ongoing-I do not understand why that is, but it does move back into place.

That is when my doctor suggested that I work the quad muscles. I had told him that I had a membership at Planet Fitness and asked how long I had to wait till I returned. I haven’t been going as much even before this happened as I was in the summer months. Mainly that is because I haven’t looked forward to going through the process of changing into shorts and then not knowing if I’ll be warm enough in shorts, or if the heat will be on somewhat, and then I could be too warm.

I’m hoping that getting my quads stronger will help motivate me into getting back into being more regular with my visits there.

I think I’m about at the end of what I want to say here. I know I didn’t stick to only one topic as I had planned, but at least I didn’t ramble on and on. I do plan on starting the post about people being considerate that I believe I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

I will write that on my muchadoaboutmanythings blog, and will post the direct link here in a new post when I have that finished.

Thank you for putting up with me being long-winded.

This post 1468, writing for the day elsewhere 957 =2425 so far for today’s efforts. (Not counting this line).


A Review of a Poem

I reviewed a poem a few days ago. I already used the word count for that review in that days count, but I thought I’d post the item and the review itself. This is from the writing web site that I refer to and that I’ve been a part of since 2007.

The item I reviewed is:

This is my review:

I thought at first that your rhyme scheme wasn’t uniform but when I looked a second time I saw that it was. I like how you rhyme the first, middle and last lines and then the ending phrases in the middle and end of the second and third lines. Excellent job with that, and it all makes sense also.

I would agree with another person’s review and comments of your last line of the second stanza. I also had a problem with the last word on the first line of the second stanza. ‘Bass’, I know it can rhyme with grace as one of its pronunciations is ‘bays’, but the other one rhymes with ‘mass’; that seems to me the more common way to pronounce it and I wonder whether anyone else will be thrown off your intention of sound like I was.

I read recently that children enjoy rhyming stories, and I think this could make a nice fantasy story for a little older group of children, maybe those nearing kindergarten, or just beginning to read. Not that they would be able to read this, I think it would be too difficult for that age group, but they should enjoy having it read to them.

There are children’s groups here on WDC, you could approach some of the leaders of those groups and see what they think. They may know of some good publishers to approach. I know of one and maybe two, if you need some leads and want to pursue this idea.

It’s very busy these days where I work as a cashier for a major grocery store/super-center. Probably you all know how busy it is as you’ve possibly all been grocery shopping yourself in the last few days. We’ve been working about seven and sometimes eight-hour days. I’m only part-time and usually only work five-hour days.

We do have full-time workers, but that’s not something I wanted to do. It was available to me at least three times in the past, but I have other things I want to accomplish and I really didn’t want a full-time job along with washing windows on the side.

This bit is 106 words and today’s word count elsewhere is 1336, (I’m not including the 315 of this post of the review and link), so 1336 and 106 = 1442 for the past two days, not great but better than nothing..

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