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November 17, Writing Here,There, and Yonder

Along with the post I made here earlier today, I decided to do an installment on my freelancing blog:


I again wrote some other things that I’m not sharing on any of my blogs. I even began a Children’s story tonight.

I found a list of articles on the Writing web site that I’m a part of and in that article was many links to various helps to writing different types of stories and also helps with grammar and punctuation issues.

The author of that article made some suggestions for writing for Children that I thought I’d try out. I’d share the link with you, but there are certain criteria that needs to be met first. The main thing is that many of the articles expect the reader to have a membership to the site, which means that they are a registered user and not just a guest.

There are different levels of membership and anyone can join if they want to be a part of a community of readers, writers and reviewers. It’s free to join and then if a person wants more there are many ways to obtain an upgrade.

If interested in more information, feel free to ask.

Sorry, I forgot to put in my word count.

211 for this post, 540 for the freelancing post and 377 for some other writing.

Totals 1118 – I must be getting tired, I posted the wrong date.

My other Word Press Blogs

I thought I’d list my other WordPress blogs in case any one wants to check them out. I’m working on a post or two, so it will be a bit of time before they to completion.

I will say that I already have 1072 for today’s writing, written in one email and a messaging place on the writing site I’m a part of. I’m hoping to get 1500-2000 more words so I can catch up a bit more. At this point, the official site says I won’t have my 50 k until December 11 of this year. I’m hoping to get close to the goal before November is over.

I have six blogs on WordPress including this one. I also have one on blogger. I did start one on TypePad, but moved all those posts over to WordPress.

www.muchadoaboutmanything.wordpress.com   – my first blog here, although it began with the next blog. I later split them up.



www.marsha4852.wordpress.com/ This I had to have for an English Comp course. I may use it again if I take any more classes, until then it will be dormant. I may put instructional items here like I did for the hanging indents.

www.muchadoaboutreviews.wordpress.com – book reviews.

I’m going to include the link to my blogger account with Google  but I haven’t posted anything there since early 2011. As I’ve said before, I was going to move all those posts over to WordPress as I had more views in a couple of months in WordPress than I did over a few years with blogger.

The day I was going to begin to move things over, I realized that my blog qualified for some type of advertisements to help make me money. I have to check that out further to see if it’s something I want to do or not.

So far today I have 315 words here and the 1072 explained above, totalling=1387. More to come later. Thanks for reading.

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