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Monday, November 18, 2013

I had the day off from one job today although we did go out and work on cleaning windows for just under two hours. While working it did some small snow balls for a while, from the sky. In other words it snowed or sleeted or a combination of the two. It was like minature sleet balls.

I spent almost all the rest of the day bubbling other than for the time it took to get the dishes soaking and partially loading the dishwasher. I also am doing a load of the towels we use for windows and I cleaned off a counter in the kitchen that was long overdue.

I think I got five or maybe it was six posts in for the day, actually it was only four. I guess I was looking at the ones that I did yesterday too.

http://www.bubblews.com/news/1603689-what-i-found-when-double-checking-the-spelling-in-google-quite-odd-actually  502 words

http://www.bubblews.com/news/1607176-do-not-get-mad-at-that-driver-one-day-it-might-be-you  688 words

http://www.bubblews.com/news/1608233-nojomo-november-journal-month-what-are-your-5-greatest-fears-and-have-you-overcome-any-of-them  885 words

http://www.bubblews.com/news/1608469-hair-care-review-styling-glue 246 words

Plus the post here was 151 words, this totals 2472 words for the day.


Would You Like To Make Money Blogging or Writing in General?

If you are looking for a great place to make money  with your writing, bubblews.com is a place you should check out.


I was a writer several years ago on ehow.com and made about $125.00 in one year and a half. On bubblews, I have made over two hundred dollars in just three short months. I could have done better than that, but there were some days when i didn’t do much as I was reading a few good books, plus I work two jobs and I don’t have the time to devote to the site like others there do.

You can write up to ten posts per day about your world and you get paid a penny for every unique like, comment and view of your post. That means if I comment two times on one post, you will get paid once for the comment and once for the view, but if I comment on two posts of yours then you will get a penny for each post that I view and each comment that  I make.

If you join up, you want to read and study the rules found on the bank page at the top of every page and the TOU (Terms of Use), if you follow those things, you will get paid.

If you are doing nano, and you choose to put portions of your writing on there, you will get paid for doing so, but you can’t post the same material elsewhere at the same time.


November 30, Hoping to Close Out the Day With Success

It’s finally the last day of nano and I’m still typing away hoping to close out the day with success. I do have to work tonight and I may be held as we are short cashiers and have been for six months or so.

I was told we were hiring so my daughter finally got her second application in to work in my department. I say finally because the system locked her out somehow and after several tries over several days she was able to access the application area online. She along with my other daughter (I think) put in applications in the fall. The managers at my job site did a day of interviews at our location-a job fair if you will- and my daughters had to miss that as it was one of the days of their finals at school. I guess that must have been last winter classes as they didn’t go this fall, hmm. I was thinking it was more recent than that. See how time flies?

Anyhow, our secretary had been in and out of the hospital and in and out of work as she was in a car accident and somehow she misplaced a group of the applications that were sent in. Even they were done online, they were still misplaced. Maybe they will show up in a folder somewhere time, who knows. I mean how does one lose something that was sent online? I guess it could have been deleted, but they don’t know.

I was really hoping that at least one of my kids would get a job there as they’d be able to get their own insurance after a short time which would mean that I could take them off of mine and not have to pay that out anymore. Plus even though my insurance is a decent insurance, several plans are offered to fit the need of the varied employees, it doesn’t cover my kids for dental and vision plans. We have to pay for that out of pocket.

The only benefit to the place we go for dental and vision is that they allow us to do the windows of their homes and count it toward any funds we weren’t able to pay for with the insurance or our flex cards. We could probably pay for everything every year with the flex cards, but then we wouldn’t have that money to pay for prescriptions or other work we’d like done especially if it isn’t covered by the insurance in the first place.

Unfortunately, the dentist where the largest bills usually are has the smallest house and only has it done yearly, so it doesn’t make much of a dent in the yearly bill. For vision work our family uses two different doctors, a father an son in the practice together. We clean the father’s home several times per year especially if the bill is large enough to warrant it and if they are around town enough, the son’s house we may do more than once a year, but lately we’ve had a problem getting their when the Missus us home for the day, and have only been able to do part of the job, it still helps with the bill.

Last night I was trying to get as much typed as I could and began to feel flushed. I took my temperature and it wasn’t high at all in fact it was a few degrees under the normal. I didn’t feel great either.

I did eat a late meal, not until 9:30 at night. That doesn’t usually bother me, but I’ve been trying to get better and not do that anymore. At first I was just going to have some carrots and dip, but my husband decided to make a hamburger and that looked and sounded good also, so I switched to having that instead. I think that may have been the big mistake, or it may have been because I’m close to the wire on nano and I’d really like to get this done.

I guess if I get the 50k words and can’t get the in the verification in time, I will still know I succeeded and that I should feel good about that. But it would be nice if I can get it verified along with only getting the words written. That would be a nice accomplishment also.

Had I known I was doing nano before it began I may have taken a bit of time to check out the main site more to find out what I would need to do when it was over. I didn’t realize that even nano rebels are allowed to verify their word count at the end.

Because I didn’t know this, I of course have the blogs that I have written during the month, but what I didn’t save was all the words I wrote in the chats and other formats during the month. I suppose I could look back at all the reviewing I did, I know I have a copy of those things. I’m hoping that I can come up with enough writing that I did in November even though I may not have counted it all day by day. I’m going to be honest and not count something I already counted before, otherwise I might as well write word, word word, at infintim (I’ve thought this word before-it appears there is no such thing?), not something I would be proud about.

Ooh, the end is near. I just checked the words I have her so far and ones that I wrote since I posted my count last on the nano site and I only have 1923 words to go. I’ll still have to find words to put on my document to upload, but at least this part may be done before I head off to work.

I was even wondering last night if the way I was feeling may have been related to a bit of stress to get this done on time. Maybe it was even a bit of both.

So, what else might I want to talk about?

We had to start cutting down the hours of our employees, I should even just do all the inside work myself as we’re basically only having money to pay them and not much left over to pay any bills, but with me working six days a week at my job and standing the whole time I’m there, doing the work with windows isn’t something I look forward to doing alone. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather work windows that cashier, but they both have their benefits and drawbacks.

Standing on your feet all day long/ or night as it is for me; well not exactly as I begin mid afternoon and work until I’m allowed to go home. But regardless, it’s on one’s feet. No one at my location has the option of sitting down on the job, other than maybe the secretary, the person that runs the store, maybe certain managers as they are doing their responsibilities but normally they are on the floor working, and other folks like security-if they have to view the cameras or do paperwork- and the system people. The rest are always on their feet either at one station or walking around stocking and the like.

The only ones that have a rug to stand on are the greeters, even then, I don’t consider that an easy job to do. I’ve had to fill in sometimes if they are short help or if it’s a busy day.

Even though at our registers we do have a mat to stand on, they are older mats, some are curled up on the edges mostly from cashiers trying to fit them in the area which isn’t a perfect rectangle. When I work at the ones that have curled, I have to be extra careful not to trip on the curled areas, which I’ve done often enough. It doesn’t help my knees feel any better when that happens.

When we have to watch over the self check out areas and help customers there, for me it’s better on my knees to walk around, but my feet also have issues and it’s hard after a while to be on my feet walking as we’re not supposed to stand in one place and there are no mats to stand on at all.

When you are younger do your best to stay physically fit by being active in one way or the other. It will help not only your organs, your body in general but it should help prevent major problems with your circulation.

My sister, who is eleven months younger than I am was told recently that she is beginning to show signs of varicose veins in her legs, yet even though we are so close in age, she may go twenty or more years before her legs are where mine are right now.

Mine may be more related to some medicine I had in 1995 and then it was an especially hot summer and my legs swelled up leaving behind discoloration on my ankle region. Eventually that area would look compressed when I wore any type of socks, but I don’t believe that was a problem as soon as the discoloration showed up in that area. I think it took place many years later.

It wasn’t until my husband was being cared for by a surgeon that deals with varicose veins and other vein issues, (he was the surgeon that amputated my husband’s leg-discussed a bit in some of the earlier blogs). When we were in the office for an appointment for my husband, with the physicians assistant and I asked why my leg got that way from wearing socks. She told me it was because I had bad circulation. Lovely, I thought. Just what I need, another thing to go wrong with my body.

I don’t remember what year that was, but we checked it out with my insurance and found the in-office surgery would be covered. The next step was to do two ultrasounds on my legs. They do one at a time for you have to stand during them-you lay down on a table that has a section at the bottom that your feet are against so that when they raise it up to a  standing position you are standing on the end section of the bed.

One of the ultrasound technicians was the same person that helped when my husband was first admitted to the hospital several years before. I had seen him since where I work and he’s very nice. He let me watch the ultrasound as he did it and answered questions I had about a few of the different things I could see. It was quite interesting.

Before I had the ultrasound I had planned on waiting until it was closer to when I retired from my job as I figured standing may not help it get any better. but he told me that everyone that had it done loved it and that they didn’t have any further problems with it after the surgery.

I should have checked that out with the surgeon or at least the physicians assistants. It wasn’t until I was  having the first leg done, and I was talking to them about the procedure-I wanted to remember it so I could write an article about it-the Doctor then told me that it doesn’t last forever. It causes the current veins that don’t work properly to die, but other veins will take it’s place and hopefully won’t get bad very quickly, but there are no guarantees.

The main difference with the surgeries they do now and the ones they did twenty years ago is that it does last longer, but if the activities you do are the same you always did before, the problem will probably resurface again.

Had  I continued to wear support hose maybe the effects from the surgery would have lasted longer, but the support hose made my feet hurt, that was an ongoing problem and with my job it wasn’t that easy to go to the public bathroom and take them off or put them on during part of the shift. It was either wear them all day or not at all. Eventually I wore them  less and less.

I have to get ready for work, so I’m going to check my words, put this into the site and hope I get out early enough to at least finish my word count even if I can’t verify the words I wrote. If the latter happens, I’ll just have to work twice as hard next year, if I decided to do nano again right away, and try to get the word completed at the minimum a day before the due date if not before.

This post is 2158  other words for the day are 708, totaling 2866

Ooh, the end is in site, I only have 657 words to go

November 24, Saturday-Only Six Days Left

It’s hard to believe, it’s only six more days until nano is completed. I have a ways to go, but I could still make it.

I was looking at the blog and it looked like I forgot to post yesterday when I was certain that I had. I had to open up my dashboard and take a look at it when I discovered I put the wrong date in yesterdays post. I don’t know how I managed that as I have the date and time displayed right on my desktop in plain sight.

So I did write yesterday, twice in fact.

I’ve written a few reviews today. One of them I posted on my reviewing site on WordPress.  I may put others there eventually. I’m checking with the authors first to see if they mind having my review linked to their items, as they may not want to broadcast any mistakes they have made.

Actually, I’ll let you read an item I made today asking for permission from authors to display their work with my reviews. It can be found here: http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1905225-Asking-for-Permission-From-All-Writers.

If you read it you can tell me what you think. Granted you may not be a member of that particular web site, but wherever your work is located, would you be interested in a review and then a link back to your item? That would be my main question.

This little bit of writing is 232 words, whereas everything else I’ve written today including the three reviews, and some posting elsewhere which is an additional 3126, that = 3358


November 13, Don’t Give Up Just Yet, Breakthrough is Around that Corner

I posted my last post just as the clock struck twelve, so alas, it didn’t go for yesterday’s post but for today’s instead. But that’s okay, I’m going to post when I think of something to write so that I can hopefully catch up.

I’ve already begun several drafts of posts in the few days time when I didn’t post anything, or not much of anything at all. Possibly had I posted the little that I had written, I would have gotten a second wind and written even more than I expected.

Even now, I certainly didn’t expect to begin a new post right after publishing the last one, but I updated my word counts in the official nano site and thought I’d take a look at my email there. I was surprised because I received an email from the nano originator himself, Chris Baty.

To quote one of his paragraphs, he said: “You can help build that path faster by hitting your writing goals for the next three days. This may sound like a small thing, but little, consistent writing achievements open the door to huge writing breakthroughs”.

Not only did that inspire me so that I can expect to finish nano, but it also inspired me to realize that I can be more consistent in posting in my various blogs more often. Maybe all I will need to do is endeavor to hit my writing goals for three days of each and every week, that should allow me to have the necessary time to come up with something for each blog at least weekly. That would be very sweet.


I thought I’d mention that I’d like to thank all my new followers for this blog along with the likers and those that do make a comment or two on any of my blogs.

I ran into a problem this morning when checking out a blog of someone that is now following this one. The blog has awesome photography on it and the viewer can also purchase prints if they’d like. The problem I had was being able to make any comments or liking any post that I checked out.

I have found that I’m not able to do any of that using my Chrome browser, so I generally have the firefox one open for that reason. I used the firefox browser to again try to like a post or two and make a comment and suggestion, but it seemed that the problem may have been word press related this time. Whatever it was, I wasn’t able to do any communication with the site owner on their site. I even tried to follow their blog using my email address and that didn’t work either.

I tried to use pinterest to link their blog to my account for others to oooh and aaah over the photography, and pinterest even put a stop to the link. This particular person has thousands of followers, so it doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe I’ll try internet explorer later on, but soon I’ll be getting ready for work.


It’ll be busy as the days progress toward Thanksgiving. We are always short-handed. A few cashiers are being trained right now, hopefully they will be able to start before Thanksgiving to help lighten the load. My daughter even applied recently. I don’t know whether she’ll be a cashier or help in the clothing department. Whichever it is, it will be a benefit to me as I’ll be able to take her off my insurance as she’ll be able to get her own. I’m looking forward to that.


When I began this nano blog, I thought after nano was completed that I would save this blog for each succeeding nano, from year to year and not use it in between. But, now that I’m starting to have a bit of a following, I may not do actual posts here in the interim, but I can use the space to link posts I make on my other blogs in case anyone would like to read any of them.

I’m going to finish this post and maybe do another post later tonight to try to finish my word count for the day as I’m just under half way there. On the official nano site, they would consider this extra for what I put there in the wee hours of the morning because I wasn’t able to change my count for yesterday until the clock had already struck twelve.

Had I realized I was that close in time, I would have moved a little faster to try to get it posted before today began, but I wasn’t paying that much attention.


I would really like to take time out from writing, and there isn’t really any time to take since I’m behind already, but I would like to get better at getting things done around the house.

Later fellow bloggers.

836 words

Nano is in the Wrong Month, As Far As I’m Concerned

As far as I’m concerned, nano takes place in the wrong month. At this point in my life, since I’m still running our window cleaning business and working elsewhere too, November never seems to be the best month for doing Nano. Now if it was in January or February, that would be much better for we have few window jobs those months and I’m not having to work extra hours to get ready for the holiday season, therefore, I would probably get more writing done at the first of the year.

Another thing that I try to get caught up with after the holidays are over with is my bookkeeping for the business as I get behind as the months progress. I do deposits and payroll on a weekly basis if not oftener (for deposits), but putting the invoices into the computer is what I’m really behind on.

This year for several months my daughter wanted to help me with the bookkeeping as a way to pay me back for covering her car insurance for several years. She at least was able to help me stay abreast of things for the first half of a year, but then she got promoted to a different job in the same building. Now she doesn’t have as much time to help out as she did before.

So, here it is again, November and I’m behind not only in my word count but in inputting business paper work also. I don’t know if I’ll ever keep up with it, maybe once (if ever) I am able to retire from my cashiering job-hopefully within the next couple of years.

Each year I think I’m going to have extra time after the holidays to get some research in for articles or posts on my many blogs. I’d really like to check out some of the many places that certain authors have written online material and find out what kind of payment each of them have to the person trying to break into a freelancing career.

For instance, I happened upon a company called Elance several years ago before I began to write articles or blog posts. Later I read that it wasn’t’ the easiest company to make money with as they are able to find folks from other countries that are willing to do the work for a much lower price than those of us in the United States are hoping to make.

When I heard/read that, I discontinued checking out their site for possible writing assignments. Then later still, I read that certain authors were able to make a decent wage from writing using their site and they shared that a person just needs to persist to gain their reputation, which then increases not only their chance to get picked, but also what they are able to charge for the service they provide.

There are several other places now that are run in a similar fashion to Elance, and there are others that are run in a totally manner, yet may work out well for certain types of people looking for specific types of work.

Some of those places no longer offer new authors the change to work with them, such as places like Ehow.com. I used to write articles for them, but a couple of years ago they changed how they do business and now they only allow those with journalism degrees unless the person had already written a large amount of articles previous to the changes being made. For any that had done so, they were able to stay as writers. I was not so lucky, as I only had about fifteen article written over about three years that I was a part of the site.

That was one site where I was able to make money with my writing, but it was related to how many of my viewers clicked on ads on my pages. I probably made approximately one hundred and twenty-five dollars or so and the article that brought in the most income was the one  I did about propagating mums. If interested you can find that on www.muchadoaboutmanythings.wordpress.com. It would be one of the first posts I made after starting the blog.

Maybe this new year, I can make the time to do some of the research to complete that idea I’ve had for a while.

So, even though as far as I’m concerned, nano is in the wrong month, that doesn’t mean that I can’t work on projects any other time during the year-whether it’s doing research for an article or working on one of many novel ideas I’ve started years ago. Maybe this next year will be my year to make something like this happen, where I will get a bit further along in this area of my writing than I ever have before.

This post 807, an earlier post on a different blog 940 and some comments made elsewhere 263 bringing today’s totals to 2010.


Trying to do Nano While Working Two Jobs!

I’m glad I’m a nano-rebel this year as I wasn’t very successful in the past. Doing nano and working two jobs isn’t the easiest feat in the world. Possibly working only one job and doing nano isn’t easy either until a person has one successful nano under their belt.

I was hoping to share another teaching from the Bible, but haven’t had the time, or made the necessary time to do the necessary research to make that happen.

Today I began another Biblical teaching but will have to finish it another day. I worked most of the day with my crew and we didn’t return home until 5:45 when the sun was already setting, seeing it is now November in the mid-west and after daylight savings time. We fell back last weekend so now it’s lighter faster in the morning, but darker earlier in the evening.

One more month of that and then it begins to head the other way, the only good thing about December.

I was able to get five reviews done on my writing site. I try to review at least six items weekly which  helps me get points to maintain my membership along with the membership of one or two others if I can. So, it’s a benefit for me to get those six reviews in weekly.  (I got the sixth one in yesterday).

With those reviews I wrote 848 words.

In a different blog than this, the first one I had on WordPress, http://www.muchadoaboutmanythings.wordpress.com. I wrote a small tidbit this morning before heading to work and was able to get 434 words on that.

I would like to do at least as well as I did yesterday as I was able to get over the daily goal of 1667 words per day. I was a bit behind already, so even with the extra words, I’m still behind. I’m not doing too bad though, and even though I really wanted to take this evening off and do other things, I feel I did fairly well overall. If I keep talking about nothing at all, I might find myself getting closer to the mark for the day.

One thing I was wondering about today was how does everyone that takes part in nano get anything done around their house? I think the majority of people are always writing or at least as much as is possible. Some I know have small children at home that they must tend to, while others still have to work.

Last month, it rained a lot in our area. Now that would have been a great month to do nano, as I didn’t have to go out and clean windows during the rainfall. This month, it’s been fairly dry. While that’s great for business and paying bills, it doesn’t leave as much time for fitting the writing in.

So then decisions need to be made. Do I write, or do I take care of things like bills and getting work done? I think the answer is obvious. It will be nice when I can write more than the rest, but that time isn’t here as yet.

I’m done here for the night since I’ve at least made the minimum goal. Hopefully I can get more words in eventually, but I’m happy as I’ve been writing each and every day, something I’ve not done well before. Yeah!!

586 words, a total of 1868 for the day. This post was started several days ago, and posted on Sunday, November 11. I would have been earlier had I not had to work two jobs while doing nano.


November 2nd-a procrastinator or Type A personality, which one are you?

This is day two of writing as a rebel on my nano project. I didn’t get a head start like I did yesterday, it’s now 11:05 pm and I will be surprised if I am able to get my word count in before midnight.

I did just spend about twenty minutes setting up an item on a writing site that I’ve been a part of since 2007. The item basically has the link to this blog for any that is interested to check out, whether any do remains to be seen.

For that little bit, I wrote about 64 words, but will add it to my total here when all is said and done.

One nice thing about nano, even though you have to wait until November 1 to start writing and you have to quit on the last day of the month, you don’t actually have to write a specific amount of words each and every day. The suggestion is to write aproximately 1667 words daily, and that is to keep the momentum going, because as we all know the majority of people find it hard to keep from procrastinating when there is some major even they want to accomplish.

The only time this may not be a problem is when it’s a Type A personality, (is there still such a thing? I don’t hear about it much anymore), anyway, a Type A personality may not find writing to their taste. I haven’t studied this, so I don’t know for sure, in fact I know someone that owns a Small Press Publishing company that is constantly going to conferences all over the country, and setting up their books published at different events. She, herself has written several books and is a mover and a doer. She was also a teacher but has since retired. I would consider her a Type A personality.

Me? I know I’m not a Type A, but I hope I’m not too far down the line. I think I’ve gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. Why that is, I don’t know. It could be because I work two jobs and it’s easier to say I need some me time once I get home so that it’s then hard to get back in the swing of being busy the rest of the night.

One thing that helps motivate me is loud music, it can be Christian, rock, oldies, anything I can sing to. If I find something I enjoy and can play it loudly, I can get the dishes done, and clean the house. Maybe I could even do some bookkeeping for the business, a much needed task.

Generally I can’t get the music going as my husband is in the other room watching his shows. If I found my mp3 player, it would help a bunch, but I’ve not used it in so long it would be hard to get back into the habit once again.

I am able to work at the computer with music playing, the problem is that I’d want to do some singing out loud and that would disturb not only my husband, but my writing endeavors also.

Lovely, I’m up to 522 words plus the aprox 60 ish earlier, about half way there.

I read something today about characteristics relating to which day on the calendar each of us was born. But first I’m going to take a bit of a break, as I got home from work about an hour ago and have been typing ever since.

I’m back. As I was saying earlier at least with nano it doesn’t matter how many words a person types each day. The suggested amount is 1667 words per day, but anyone can type more or less of that amount. If a person starts out writing at least that much in the first week, then it’s more likely they will continue throughout the rest of the month.

I gave myself a break and played a favorite FB game that is slower than molasses to win, yet I keep playing and wasting my time at it. Two people from my job play it with me. I like some other versions of the game better, but can’t remember what they were called or where they were located when I used to play them a few years agao.

I should have just posted this earlier as then at least it would have been posted for the second-when I began to write it. I’m going to keep that the title even though it’s actually getting posted just after midnight on the third. I do hope to post another installment later on today after I get out of work again. Tomorrow, though, I begin working in the morning, so will have more of the day to do some writing.

I do plan on getting some leaves closer to the road tomorrow and Sunday because they will be in our area first of next week to pick them up.

On this post I have 817 words and the other item has 64words totalling 881 for the day, not counting this section of explanation.

The link to that item is: http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1901622-Participating-in-Nano-as-a-Rebel


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